There are many things that don’t add up about the police shooting done by the Trains in Wieambilla south central Queensland. They shot and killed two police who were on their property then a special squad of cops came and killed them in a siege. When we look at all the irregularities below we can’t help but conclude that something other than the official story might have occurred there:

  1. Video released by the Train’s on Bitchute just after they shot the cops in which they claimed that the cops came to kill them. This is just odd, why did they think the police were coming to kill them? They didn’t say the police were there to arrest them, they weren’t worried about being taken away for questioning, they said the cops were there to kill them and that’s why they killed them first, very strange.
  2. On the day the shooting happened the mainstream media barely mentioned it. Two cops getting shot followed by a siege is a super hot news item, they should have cut to reporters live at the event and had chats with cops and witnesses for a decent chunk of the evening news, but from what I saw there was only 30 seconds spent on the shooting. To me, it indicates that the police didn’t allow the media near the event or give them any information while it was happening. The cops were doing information control, narrative control, they didn’t want the media seeing live what was happening. The next day when they had worked out the story they would tell the public, the official narrative story which makes them look good and which forwards their political agenda, only then we get massive media coverage which all forwarded the same story. When you are not doing anything shifty then you don’t need to keep the media out, it’s that simple.
  3. The bizarre welfare check/missing person lie. So the media initially reported that there was a welfare check on a missing person. How is that even possible? Think about it, a welfare check on a missing person, that’s an oxymoron, you are either searching for a missing person or you are doing a welfare check. You can’t do both, that to me reeked that a lie was occurring, and then yes later on we get the truth come out. Conveniently after all the funeral and vigil events were over we get the ABC reporting that the police went to the house to arrest Nathaniel Train on an outstanding warrant. This makes far more sense and now that we know this it makes us wonder why the welfare check lie was ever told in the first place. What were the cops trying to hide? Going there to arrest a man explains why there were four officers sent, it makes much more sense. A missing person or welfare check only needs one officer but an arrest needs four. This also explains why they jumped the fence off the property, an arrest allows for trespassing but welfare checks and searches don’t require that sort of intrusive behaviour on behalf of the cops. 
  4. Rookie cops were sent to the property. Now that we know that it wasn’t a missing person check and that the cops were there to do an arrest, it makes us question why at least two rookie cops were sent there. The man had a gun license and registered weapons, he was being arrested for breaching the border rules during the strict covid period a year ago when he drove over the border illegally and had some weapons in his car. So the cops 100% knew that arresting this man was not like arresting a 19-year-old who stole some Nike shoes from Northland. They knew this arrest required well trained officers and might be dangerous, yet they sent some new recruits there. Strange, and the man also posted online something like ‘if the cops ever come after me I’ve got weapons and il use them’ so they knew 100% without a doubt that this arrest job was going to require the best cops they had and might end up being dangerous, yet they sent inexperienced cops and two of them were female. This is odd, in fact this really makes me think there was some sort of set up or planning to this whole thing.
  5. According to the ABC the police had made numerous visits to the property. This is very interesting because there are rumours that the police were harassing him and getting helicopters to fly over the property. Why did the man make that online post threatening the cops if they came after him? Had he already been getting harassed by them at that stage and was annoyed and this is what made him make the post? Think what would make someone want to shoot cops? Why would some people do something so extreme? Why did the cops try and pass off the visit as a welfare check? Are they trying to cover up that they had been harassing the Train’s for months? Remember there’s always two sides to a story.
  6. An American friend of the Trains offered them asylum in Arizona before the shooting happened. Another very strange thing, why would the friend offer them asylum? Did he know about the police harassment they were supposedly receiving and felt sorry for them? These little bits of evidence are all coming together. Were they harassing mentally unstable people who they knew had weapons and weren’t afraid of using them? A little bit of agent provocation you could say.
  7. The police and government workers kept repeating how the shooters were anti-vax conspiracy theorists in a clear propaganda campaign. I’m sure the shooters might have been fans of Toyota cars but does that mean that all Toyota drivers are bad and might shoot people? The Government’s propaganda machine switched on to pump out the idea that conspiracy theorists are evil and that they need to be monitored by the intelligence agencies and that people need to dob them in. This to me indicates that they wanted to dirty the reputation of the freedom movement with this shooting, to increase the activity and budgets of the intelligence agencies and police so that they can shut down the movement better.
  8. All of the shooters got killed. This is odd I think because the police have way more resources and could simply stake out the property until the shooters gave up. They could have been peaceful and stood around the property fence and waited until the shooters calmed down and surrendered. Then we could have had them be arrested and a full court case with all the details would occur and then a punishment delivered, that’s the legal routine that’s supposed to occur when people break the law. But in this case the shooters are all dead, there will be no court case, no hearing of the other side’s point of view. To me this is a white wash. I think the cops didn’t want a court case, the cops didn’t want the shooters to be heard. I assume that a squad of well trained cops rocked up and slaughtered the shooters when they didn’t have to. This is actually illegal behaviour on behalf of the cops, but it doesn’t surprise me at all because they do this all the time. They control the system so they don’t ever punish themselves. They simply say ‘he shot at me first’ and then they have their excuse for just murdering someone who actually didn’t need to be killed only to be arrested. I have seen the police rock up to peaceful protests and instigate violence and cause chaos, I think something like that might have happened with the Trains, if they were left alone I doubt there would have been any shooting.
  9. The neighbour was shot dead I don’t see why the shooters would want to kill their own neighbour and now the neighbours house has been burnt down. This indicates to me a possible erasure of evidence. The neighbour had to be silenced.
  10. No criminal history amongst shooters. This is odd, the shooters don’t really have any history of being aggressive, evil or criminal like. Makes us wonder what caused them to suddenly decide to kill cops. Makes me think they were subject to some serious harassment which the cops wouldn’t tell us about because it would make them look bad.
  11. The police are pushing for a national police database. They are using this shooting as an excuse to unite each states police forces together so that they are effectively one big police force. Our national intelligence agencies’ job is to actually get rid of state rights and make one big national government that has full control of all the states, makes sense why they would want this shooting to happen. 
  12. One of the shooters had contacted One Nation’s Mark Latham in his capacity as a school principal. Our intelligence agency has been doing a long-term operation on the One Nation political party to keep them small and never get into power. They manipulate our elections and being pushers of radical socialism they have to shut down rebel parties like One Nation. By claiming he had some sort of involvement with One Nation helps dirty the reputation of that party and any other freedom party. It encourages the mainstream parties to not communicate with conspiracy theorists.  
  13. The police suggested purchasing the Train’s property to stop anti vaxers from establishing a community there. How interesting? The government has a long history of bullying, attacking and trying to break up rural communities of independent people. Waco and Ruby Ridge are examples. The government doesn’t like it when people break away from the radical socialist governments we live under and become sovereign citizens who just do their own thing in the middle of nowhere.
  14. The government wants to put a gas pipeline through the Train’s property. I don’t know much about this just heard it going around.

These irregularities need to be discussed and questions asked rather than the just the story the government and police are telling the public which is to dob anyone you know who believes in conspiracy theories.

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