Ep. 26 Brown and White

The colors of this week’s show were brown and white, with a bit of yellow. In the studio as always is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ. The first half of the show features young political firebrand Samraat Joshua Grewal. For the second half Simon Roche for Suidlanders is South Africa joins us.

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Our brown guest Samraat is of Indian heritage, and in the age of divided loyalties, many viewers of the Uncuckables want to ascertain where people such as Samraat’s loyalties lie. Samraat based on him not actually knowing much about Indian culture and politics, plus his colour fluid skin considers himself fully Australian, do you?

The news of the week was the anniversary of September 11. This includes both the Chilean coup in 1973 which saw Augusto Pinochet liberate the nation from the decay of socialism. Plus the terrorist attacks in the United States which to this day people are unsure of who was responsible.

The yellow tinge of the show Chinese-Australian MP Gladys Liu has been under more scrutiny this week over her memberships to various local Chinese associations which are linked to the Chinese Communist Party. She won the inner Melbourne seat of Chisholm in an all Chinese contest at the just-passed federal election against Labor’s Jennifer Yang who was linked to many of the same groups.

There is a war on heterosexuality in the state of Victoria with the state government pressuring sporting events to ban their showgirls. The same objectification and sexualisation argument can be made to LGBT pride parades, but apparently, it is only wrong for heterosexuals to flaunt their sexuality in public.

In the second half of the show, we are joined by our white guest Simon Roche of Suidlanders a white South African survivalist organisation which aims to equip the local Afrikaner population for the very likely outbreak of civil unrest and war in the highly unstable and unsafe nation.

White farmers are still being racially targeted for burglary, torture, rape and murder on their properties. The push for accepting white farmers as refugees to western nations was dismissed by the mainstream media and politicians. The white farm murders in South Africa are now labelled a myth of the white genocide conspiracy theory.

Simon comments on the recent civil unrest in South African cities where the local black population are now attacking foreign Nigerian workers, the proposal for the Western Cape secession in South Africa, and how whites in Australia should respond to the demographic replacements in our nation.

Tim and Dave finish off by having a debrief about our interview with Simon. They then laugh at Dia Beltran’s recent interview with Hogatha an SJW Leftie “Trans Woman”. However, realize after that such laughter could be considered hate speech in Victoria soon under state MLC Fiona Patten’s universal anti-hate speech bill.


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