Ep. 98 Still Not Cucking

Experience the final episode of The Uncuckables ever. Join the original Uncuckbles panellists and production partners Tim Wilms Editor of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ and James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV to reflect on the end of their journey together and still not cucking. Jarrad Searby Head Coach of Hard Knocks Combat is also part of the final panel.

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Show Description

The Uncuckables debuted on March 28 2019 two weeks after the Christchurch massacre. As conservatives and libertarians cucked in the immediate aftermath demonization nationalists The Uncuckables began a show of solidarity in the Australian alt-media that we would no be cucking and disavowing anyone.

The show is ending with its mission running its course and production partners pursing different new projects. James has released his new Logos Rising album and has been hosting and producing a new live show Champions of the Light. David is planning another XYZ Conference in January 2021. Tim is taking the summer off to enjoy the natural environment Australia has to offer now that as Melbourian he is free to travel to enjoy it.

The panel both summarises and updates the world turned globalist upside down by 2020. The coronavirus lockdowns and associated police and nanny state surveillance will not end with any vaccine. The best advice the panel can give to evade the new world or great reset is going off the grid tech wise or at least depart the major cities, particularly Melbourne.

The panel for one last time debate the meaning of Australian nationalism. We reflect on how we came out of the various social media purges and discuss our innovations and achievements this year, including pioneering poorly labelled satire.

Daniel Andrews cancels multicultural festival that had been scheduled for Australia Day – XYZ


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