Ep. 5 ANZAC Supper

The Uncuckables’ regular Thursday night live show was an ANZAC Day special featuring David Hiscox, Editor of XYZ, Matty Rose of Matty’s Modern Life and Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled.

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Show Description

Tim and David attended the Melbourne Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remembrance, while Matty slept in so we supplied him with a pillow. We agree that ANZAC Day is the last remaining day of national pride that the left hasn’t managed to diminish. However we do name Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews as cuck of the week as during his address to the dawn service said that the Aboriginals still owned Australia.

Matty plays a special leaked episode of Potatriots he got a hold of which shows Peter Grace reacting to watching The Uncuckables.

We look at Bill Shorten’s lies unravelling, getting his manboobs in knot. He claimed he was never against the Adani coal mine and told a worker he would cut his taxes when his policy is to increase them. We debate whether the Liberal Party is fighting back with their own lie about Bill Shorten introducing death taxes, we also assess the recent pop culture means put out by the Liberals.

With the candidates for the federal election declared we assess the minor party field. We discuss the merits of some in the alt-right believing that Anning is not hardcore enough based on his candidate selection. We warn of the danger that the return of Clive Palmer poses and how it is furthering fracturing the right-wing vote in Australia.

We finish with an update on Sri Lankan Islamic terrorist attack against Christians and how the left can’t bring themselves to say that it was an attack on Christianity.

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