Ep. 4 Easter Far-Right Mann Hunt

The Uncuckables return for an Easter Thursday night show with David Hiscox, Editor of XYZ, Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and James Fox Higgins of The Rational Rise.

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We begin by discussing Alex Mannlet of the ABC’s latest attempted investigation into Australia’s far-right, which focuses on Fraser Anning’s staffers attempts to spread “alt-right” propaganda to get him re-elected. We highlight there is nothing new or scandalous in this article and it relies on information already published by Slackbastard and the White Rose Society.

We touch on the “accidental” Notre Dame fire in Paris and how it is symbolic of France and wider Europe’s decline due to mass migration and cultural relativism.

We provide an Australian politics update where the NSW Upper House result was determined with nationalist parties One Nation and Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party triumphing over mainstream conservative and libertarian parties. We look at Bill Shorten’s horror week which occurred due to journalists actually asking tough questions of him.

We provide an update on ongoing stories including Israel Folau’s sacking from Rugby Australia, Julian Assange’s arrest and pending extradition to the United States and Avi Yemini’s deportation from the United States on a visa waiver application technicality.

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