Actor Alec Baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while they were filming a western movie called Rust in 2021. A prop gun went off and it hit Halyna killing her and injuring the film’s director Joel Souza. Alec denies pulling the trigger. Thankfully the films’ armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed whose job is management of weapons is being charged too which makes sense but as Baldwin has said ‘..this is a terrible miscarriage of justice’.


Look this is just ridiculous, so someone stuffed up, probably the armorer, they loaded the prop gun with an actual bullet, someone died and now Alec Baldwin an innocent actor is being attacked by the justice system. What the hell is going on? Prosecutors had been given extra funding of $317,750 USD to investigate this high-profile case. What the? That’s strange. Now I bet you if this wasn’t a high profile case then there wouldn’t have been this extra funding and the police wouldn’t have charged Baldwin as well as the armorer. It’s just silly, he’s going to beat the charge. And this event occurred in 2021, why did it take this long to lay charges? It’s just unfair. The only person who should get in trouble is the person who loaded the gun with an actual bullet and if that is the amorer then he/she should be charged regardless of Alec pulling the trigger or not. They stuffed up, not Alec, this person should get punished if the system is to do it’s job properly. So what the hell is going on? Is this something to do with feminism? I mean Alec’s a man, the person who died was a woman, don’t tell me leftists are involved? Or is the government using this for anti gun propaganda? Don’t tell me the amorer is a woman and the feminist system is being light on her due to her gender?

Men in the commie west seriously get bullied and this might be more of it. But who knows maybe the film company is making this happen for free promotion of the Rust film which will come out one day? Maybe they know Alec will beat the charge anyway but it’s good publicity? I mean after all this I will want to see the film, I’m sure it will help with ticket sales. But I’m just sick of living in the west where we have stupid silly justice systems that get used wrongly or make tons of mistakes they shouldn’t, it’s just a disgrace. Can’t they get anything right? REALLY WHY THE HELL IS ALEC BALDWIN GETTING CHARGED FOR MANSLAUGHTER?

Now he is having to lie and say he didn’t pull the trigger when it’s very likely he did. He’s worried about going to jail for something he shouldn’t. I feel sorry to the guy, he will have to spend an insane amount of time and money fighting this case. The announcement of criminal charges comes three months after Baldwin and the Rust production company reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount with the family of the victim. I hope Alec personally didn’t have to pay them anything, he wasn’t at fault, and I hope the armorer gets a reasonable punishment when this is all done. But it’s never going to be a fair result now as an innocent actor has been accused of murder.