The media and entertainment elite haven’t been able to take a Joker movie this week. Tonight on the Uncuckables program are three dangerous jokers: Tim Wilms, Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox, Editor of The XYZ and via Skype Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan.

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Dusty is the only one who has seen the Joker movie (with a female chaperone) so he provides a review with no spoilers. It gets Tim and Dave talking about occasions in the past Hollywood movies have got it right about social commentary, and how these days they’ve gone for glorifying the nerd to attacking the nerd. Tim also uses popular music to express his current political thoughts.

It’s International Rebellion Week and far-left anti-capitalist climate doomsday pests are attempting to disrupt traffic during peak hour in our major cities every day. TV Queen Kerri-Anne Kennerley triggered the social media nobodies by suggesting using superglued climate protestors as speed bumps on roads.

In International relations Trump fulfilling his non-interventionist election promises now equals blessing war. The media and political class are claiming that Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Northern Syria will create a Kurdish genocide with a pending Turkish humanitarian invasion.

Pro-democracy protests have continued in Hong Kong. They were joined this week by Liberal MP for Goldstein Tim Wilson. Labor MP Tim Watts told “freedom boy” to come back and fight for freedom and human rights in Australia. Nationalists for once agreed with the far-left slackbastard supporting MP.

The swastika scare continues this weekend with leftist activists demanding Daniel Andrews ban a neo-Nazi “concert” in a private garage. Leftists are also alleging “Nazis” are attending Victoria’s annual March for the Babies in Melbourne this Saturday. This is despite Nazis being prominent supports abortion and euthanasia, abhorrent practices which attendees are marching against.


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Saturday 12th October Events

March for the Babies Melbourne
March for Life Brisbane

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