Courts in various jurisdictions have been making news this week. In the studio as always is Tim Wilms, Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and David Hiscox, Editor of The XYZ. For first half of the show we are joined by the Dusty Bogan from Brisbane. For the second half Australian Meditations returns once again.

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Pauline Hanson has been successful in lobbying the Morrison Government to hold a review into the Family Court system. George Pell is appealing his child sex conviction to Australia’s High Court.

Boris Johnson’s proroguing of parliament was stunningly blocked by three Scottish judges who claimed he lied to the Queen. The case is now in the hands of the UK’s highest court. We believe Boris Johnson should risk arrest to deliver Brexit by October 31.

The climate strikes are occurring worldwide tomorrow. With every climate apocalyptic prediction over the past 20 years being proved false, the climate warriors have now turned to 16 year old prophet Greta Thunberg.

The woke social justice warrior Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has been exposed as having worn brown-face to an Arabian nights party in 2001. For us it has been a day of hilarity.

More evidence has been uncovered that far-left US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her gay brother to commit immigration and student loan forward. No one has been able to debunk this suspicion.

Crime in Victoria is a major issue of public concern. A 19 year old was charged for making a false police report for claiming he was bashed by a gang of Africans.

The judge in Blair Cottrell’s appeal Lisa Hannan has received a promotion. Plus Neil Erikson successful fought an intervention order taken out against him by convicted killer and Antifa member David Hollis.

The radical left has freaked out over a proposed Nazi concert to take place in October in Melbourne by group called Blood and Honour that we have never heard of. A GetUp petition was launched to call for the concert to be banned.

The rules of comedy continue to be rewritten with alleged comedian Chelsea Handler launching a new Netflix documentary. In it she attempts to use her white privilege to help people of colour.


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White supremacists condemned after announcing concert in Melbourne this October – 7News
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Parliament suspension case ‘a difficult question of law’ – BBC

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