Cowardly Jacinda Ardern announced today she would resign as New Zealand Prime Minster no later than February 7. By resigning now Ardern will avoid facing Judgement Day from the NZ voters at the October 14 general election. All recent polling showed she and her Labour Government would not be returned for a third term even with the support of the NZ Greens.

To use an Australian election analogy the voters were ready with baseball bats to throw her government out. The primary reason for them turning on the international elite’s darling is because she has driven the NZ economy into the ground with inflation out of control. The latest CPI inflation rate was 7.2% for the September quarter. Food prices were 11.3% high in December 2022 than they were in December 2021. Crime has spiralled out of control under her watch.

The legacy of Jacinda Ardern will be overseeing the decline of freedom in New Zealand. First using the tragedy of the Christchurch massacre to introduce laws to persecute law-abiding firearm owners. Then it was her tyrannical covid response that saw New Zealand isolated from the world until July 2022. She kept covid restrictions on New Zealanders until September last year for no discernable extra health benefit.

Jacinda Ardern’s official reason for resigning was that she didn’t have enough left in the tank and in reserve to commit to another 3-year term. First becoming Prime Minister after the 2017 general election she is the first NZ PM not to seek a third term since Labour’s David Lange in 1989.

She is only 42 and nobody believes she will simply marry her fiance Clarke Gayford and retire to become a devoted wife and mother. Many have speculated that her accession to the New Zealand Prime Ministership was simply a stepping stone to the job she really desires that being Secretary-General of the United Nations. This was a position her mentor another NZ Labour Party PM Helen Clark sought but was unsuccessful.

At the moment there is a Melbourne Cup field of NPC Labour MPs that can replace her. No Prime Minister replacing a resigning PM has gone on to win a general election. The National Opposition Leader and Lex Luther lookalike Christopher Luxon is still the favourite to be Prime Minister by year-end in Coalition with the Libertarian ACT Party with David Seymour as Deputy Prime Minister. Will they reverse New Zealand’s decline in freedom under Ardern? We shall see.