Religion, self-defence, family protection, human health and personal reflections are among the topics of this week’s Uncuckables show with Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and James Fox Higgins of the Rational Rise.

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Tim and James started their respective media channels at the same time in late 2016. Both were involved initially in the libertarian movement but were aware of the broader underlying political problems facing the west. They each reflect on the worst cucking episode and how they have learned to always stand by their principles, the truth and to only be around people who don’t want to control them.

The second half of the show discusses the news of the week where there was a rally for gun rights in the US state of Virginia. The mainstream media were hoping for a violent white supremacist rally but were disappointed by a peaceful event.

Donald Trump has gone up against Greta Thunberg again over climate change at the World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland.

There is has been an outbreak of a new supervirus called Coronavirus in China. The city of Wuhan in Hubei is currently in lockdown with 25 deaths confirmed.

Washed up Australian comedian Magda Szubanzi announced she was starting a new LGBT centric church. Sikh men and Muslim women no longer have to wear helmets on bicycles in the Australian Capital Territory due to their religious headwear, but other citizens will continue to be fined.

Australia Day 2020 is fast approaching, the nation’s left has been too busy attempting to link Australia’s recent bushfires with climate change that they have forgotten to promote their Invasion Day narrative. The Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance based in Inner Melbourne have been promoting posters for their Abolish Australia Day rally.

In Australian politics apart from the bushfire blame game, the sports rorts scandal involving Nationals Minister Bridget McKenzie has once again highlighted the problem with government grants programs selecting winners and losers when to choosing who to fund.

After the tragic death of Wilson Gavin after he protested a drag storytime in Brisbane last week conservative traditionalists determined to not let his death be in vain protested another drag storytime in Melbourne’s West. Adult drag queen Kitty Demure has slammed ‘woke’ parents for taking their children to drag storytime.

Tim finishes the show by providing an update on the categories and vote totals for The Unshackled’s annual Unshackler Awards celebrating the best and worst contributions from 2019.


Armed gun rights activists rally against proposed Virginia gun laws – SMH
Sikh and Muslim riders exempt from wearing helmet in ACT on religious grounds – Daily Mail
Davos braces for Trump-Greta showdown – DW
Protesters surround drag queen reading event at library in Melbourne’s west – 7News
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Unshackler Awards

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The tragic death of conservative youth activist Wilson Gavin this week after incurring the wrath of the social justice mob as again demonstrated the toxicity of the current political climate and discourse. Reflecting on this and other similar news on this week’s Uncuckables is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ and Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan.

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Wilson Gavin was the President of the University of Queensland Liberal National Party Club. Due to the club promoting national socialist economic policies he had been expelled from the Liberal National Party and the club disaffiliated. After protesting a drag queen storytime at a City of Brisbane library a social media pile-on saw him die at a train station the next day.

Wilson was a homosexual himself but was a catholic conservative and campaigned against same-sex marriage in 2017. The LGBT movement in death tried to claim him as one of their own even though they had been leading much of bullying and harassment against him online.

There has been outrage at a private home in rural Victoria flying the Nazi flag. Some are calling for displaying the symbol to be banned, even though the knock-on effect on free speech with demands to ban more offensive symbols would be significant.

The social media spamming blaming climate change, Scott Morrison and Rupert Murdoch for the bushfires continues. The rest of the mainstream media amplify this spamming is having the effect of distorting our democracy with the Morrison Government now behind in the first Newspoll of the year.

It is awards season with the Oscar nominations announced. Joker has received 11 nominations, there are the usual complaints not enough women and people of colour were nominated. The Unshackled has also begun its annual Unshackler Awares commemorating the best and worst contributions to 2019.


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