Australian tennis fans showed their hatred and extreme racism for Russia by booing star tennis player Daniil Medvedev after he won his latest match. Just because some Russians choose to go to war does not mean all Russians are bad. Leftists in Australia and the lefty mainstream media have ignored this disgraceful act of racism and Tennis Australia is getting off scot free without any criticism by any leftist government anti-discrimination organisation which our nation is full of. Where are the sporting “integrity” departments on this? Where is the mainstream media outrage? Where are the Film Australia movie sponsorships that show Medvedev’s long hard history of being bullied by racists?

Adams Goodes is not the only heavily heavily bullied sportsman whose just trying to play the game they love. By allowing this discrimination of Medvedev Tennis Australia is basically encouraging tennis to be used for war propaganda purposes by anti Russian racist people in Australia. These racists need to be stopped. Watch the disturbing crowd attack below(extremist content warning):

Medvedev post match.