If you are a biological male and want to live like a man then you are the biggest target of persecution in the west. The Uncuckables has an all-male panel to discuss this new discrimination with Tim Wilms, Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox, Editor of The XYZ, and Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life.

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Men and boys should dare not express their attraction to or desire to have relations with the biological female. That’s what a group of boys St Kevin’s College in Melbourne found out on a local tram. An awkward teen in the UK will now be a sex offender for five years for an approach to a girl went wrong. NSW is also looking at introducing affirmative consent laws.

Female models at sports events and in women’s magazines have also found themselves unemployed due to their attractiveness being responsible for toxic masculinity. But of course men are still allowed to be objectified.

The biological female is also under attack as women can now get periods and transwoman must be accommodated in straight pornography. The custody battle of a 7 year old alleged transgender boy in Texas has gained international attention. Meanwhile Canadian “transwoman” Jessica Yaniv lost her complaint against a salon not waxing her balls.

Internationally 39 dead bodies have been discovered in a truck in England who were being people smuggled across Europe. Chile’s left is protesting to demand bigger government, and Trump’s troop movement with Syria has led to a ceasefire between Syria and Turkey. Mark Zuckerberg was back before Congress with the socialist Democrats now not happy with Facebook.


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