Love is a temporary madness; it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part.

Louis de Bernières

Married At First Sight (MAFS) is a social experiment gone awry. It is now in the 10th season and has proven to be another farcical TV series filled with wannabe famous individuals vying for their 15 minutes of fame. Some of the participants could quite possibly be genuinely looking for the love of their life, yet the show exploits their deepest desires to increase ratings for profits. It is a cheap form of entertainment produced for yet another indiscriminate audience, ready to consume all the zombie box has to offer.

The show is predicated on the idea that so-called relationship experts are best able to increase the chances for people to find and commit to long-lasting, fulfilling relationships. However, within a controlled environment designed to cause drama for the purpose of increasing ratings and TV network ad revenue, it can hardly be surprising that of all the couples to have been chewed up and spat out, only one is stll married today out of 82 matchups.

Under normal circumstances, genuine couples committed to each other would do their utmost to protect their relationship. They would eliminate anything or anyone who would pose a threat to them. These steps alone can determine the success or failure of a marriage.

Let us put aside all the legitimate reasons why this show should be ignored by the masses, and look at the more esoteric reasons as to why it should be lying in shreds on the cutting room floor. Marriage originally was ordained by God. It was a covenant, (not just a contract) made between a man and a woman in the presence of God. Vows made between the two were sacred because words are powerful, they mean things, and there was a time when a man’s word was his bond. It was then sealed by the act of consummation. The first relationship expert was God. Adam and Eve didn’t get to choose, they didn’t get to “try before they buy”, they didn’t get to know each other first before deciding to “know” each other. They simply trusted God and understood the basic fundamentals of what it meant to be committed.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

Genesis 2:18

MAFS makes light of all that’s sacred and leads others to do the same. It attracts a young, impressionable audience ready to be mind-raped. Marriage becomes a sideshow act that is negotiable based on the individual’s feelings. The audience is sold the lie that love means shopping around until we find the “perfect” one or that marriage vows can be made casually, then discarded when things get tough or the couple discover each other’s idiosyncrasies. The choice to love and stay committed through sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer or till death do us part, is thrown by the wayside and considered “old-fashioned”.

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. 

Hebrews 13:4

As for all the legitimate reasons for ignoring the show, the list is long, but I’ll keep it short. It is nothing more than a B-grade soap opera designed to lull a nation into passively living vicariously through others’ indiscretions. The masses use the show as an opportunity to gossip, complicit in participants’ desperation to find love or fame. It shamelessly exploits their personal lives, making public every indecency. The women seem to be botoxed to the eyelids, and excessively made up. They almost prostitute themselves for attention, scratching each other’s eyes out for a 2-minute spot in the limelight. It lays bare their every emotion, and mistake. Not to mention, it leaves one to question their genuineness about actually finding love. Take for example Harrison and Bronte. In episode 6, Harrison reveals he was seeing someone before joining the show.

The show reeks of insincerity and would be more credible if it took its participants’ needs more seriously. The “experts” or pseudo-scientists aren’t interested in actually seeing any of their guinea pigs find happiness, they just want the money. It tears at the fabric of society, ripping yet again, into the Godly, wholesome institution. A 10th Season indicates it is popular with the people which means we are way past the slippery slope, and already knee-deep in the anti-Christian quicksand. Don’t let this review tempt you into watching. Resist the temptation. You and your family can thank me later.

Humanity’s greatest strength – and also the reason for its ultimate downfall – is its ability to normalize even the bizarre.’

David Yoon

The 2023 Grammy Awards night was broadcast around the world with its usual pomp and circumstance. The glamourous red carpet parade was followed by an opening performance by (wait for it) “Bad Bunny”. It undeniably positions a globally, naïve audience to participate in yet another, Baphomet-worshipping ritual celebrating degeneracy. As with anything produced by the arts and entertainment industry, the hegemonic call is as always, powerful. However, it is subtle enough to leave audiences feeling merely entertained, oblivious to the assault on their undiscerning minds. We need only stand by and wait as copycat “Bad Bunnies” and mini Madonnas crop up on our streets or even our own homes, over the next few months through the cultural imaginary. With ratings up 30% since last year, it leaves one to wonder if people tune in out of interest or habit.

Undoubtedly, the awards show is getting worse as the years go by, explicitly normalizing all that is evil and ungodly. Among the number of degenerate performances of the night, Madonna’s introduction of Sam Smith and Kim Petras performance was compellingly disturbing. She cleverly hails an unwitting audience into agreeing with her, prompting them each time to applaud and “make some noise”. By glorifying “trouble-makers”, whose “fearlessness does not go unnoticed”, she includes everyone. Assuring they are all “seen, heard and appreciated”. Inciting them all to rebellion, she flamboyantly ends her speech by introducing the concept, “beautifully unholy”. The contradiction in terms is lost on the ignorant who only hear “beautiful” because they are caught up in the euphoric lights and sound. They heed the call, by clapping and roaring with approval. Immersed in dark energy, they sit mesmerized, absorbing every ideology being vomited in their faces.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance of “Unholy” was nothing short of a metaphorical mass orgy. The casual display of sodomy, adultery, whips and chains, are designed to desensitize an already captivated audience. Their continued push against what’s considered, “acceptable boundaries” not only tells us it has become the norm, but they are attempting to convince us that it is also cool. The implication being everyone should party like them, and we are missing out. The entire system is screaming at us how we should think, feel and behave.

Spitting in the face of tradition, these powerful performances, persuasive speeches and roaring accolades from the live audience, subtly invite us to consent their cultural definitions. Consequently, the people will identify with a number of performers, whether it is Madonna draped in dangerous black. Sam is a non-binary identifying white man consenting to being publicly gang-raped. Kim is a transgendered woman trapped in his own body, deceived by his own mind, or the seemingly “normal” Beyoncé, slave to fame and fortune. These Baphomet-worshipping acolytes are telling us who we are and what to believe. Their destruction of all that’s good and pure is not complete until they have everyone gyrating at their footstool.

Therefore, it is time to fight against these mentally ill, porn-addicted, child groomers, and mind-raping junkies. Stop allowing them to manipulate us and start thinking for ourselves. There is nothing beautiful about being unholy. Under no circumstances, is it strong or masculine for a man to cheat on his wife and children. Nor is it right or cool to practice debauchery and lewdness. This is not the life God intended for anyone. He wants to see healthy families thrive, with purity and sobriety made cool and normal again. Resist being slaves to the culture, take it back, rise up, be brave and courageous. Tell your friends. Parents turn off the zombie box. Take your family to church, learn of Christ, and be set free from slavery. Madonna and her minions will burn in hell, she wants to drag as many of us with her. Don’t let her!

I am using an example from everyday life because of your human limitations. Just as you used to offer yourselves as slaves to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer yourselves as slaves to righteousness leading to holiness.

Romans 6:9

Lidia Thorpe announced today she would be resigning from the Australian Green only 7 months into a 6-year term as a Senator for Victoria to lead what she calls the Blak Sovereign Movement. By not resigning from Parliament and sitting as an independent she has become a Senate Squatter. With all her transgressions and antics since becoming a Senator in 2020 there is no way she could have been elected as a Senator in the 2022 federal election unless she was top of the Greens Senate ticket in Victoria.

Her resignation is a dummy spit because the Greens decided as a party to back a yes vote for the constitutionally enshrined Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament. At the Greens party meeting yesterday which decided their position on the Voice Thorpe demanded she should be the only Green allowed to meet with Indigenous community members about the voice.

Thorpe demands that a Treaty be signed between Indigenous and non-Indiegnous Australians before the Voice is voted on. She claims is what activists who marched and spoke at their January 26 Invasion Day protest desire.

The Greens have only got themselves to blame now that they will be one Senate vote down for the next five years. They endorsed Thrope in 2020 as a replacement for former leader Richard Di Natale and again at the 2022 Australian federal election. As a party based on collective decision making they failed to see the warning signs that Thorpe wasn’t a team player

Let’s now flashback to some of Lidia Thorpe’s most appalling moments as a Greens Senate

As the Unshackled revealed shortly after her entry to the Senate Thorpe has a long history of far-left extremist connections including links to Marxist nutters and an apologist for pedophile supporters.

Despite the Greens claiming to be a feminist party in December last year Lidia Thrope yelled to Liberal Hollie Hughes across the Senate chamber ‘at least I kept my legs shut’ which Hughes interpreted as a slur against her autistic son.

When a fire broke out at Old Parliament House at the end of 2021 caused by a smoking ceremony by Aboriginal sovereignty activists Lidia Thrope published and then deleted a tweet celebrating the fire claiming the colonial system was burning down.

Before the federal election, Lidia Thrope berated two Coalition Ministers in a shill and hysterical manner. She accused Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker of whitesplaining to her during questioning in Senate Estimates about the Coalition Government purchasing the rights of the Aboriginal flag design for $20 million.

After asking Bridget McKenzie a question about the government ‘fracking her country’ during Question Time and used her points of order to yell and finger-point at McKenzie.

In an interview with NITV that she feared for her safety after the Convict Warrior Resistance included a sign calling her an Abo Whore in a video where they burnt the Aboriginal flag.

In March Thrope claimed she was racially profiled at Canberra Airport because she was told her carry-on luggage for a Virgin Australia flight was too heavy and she’d have to remove some items to board the plane.

In May while protesting the deportation of illegal immigrants from a Broadmeadows dentition center to Christmas Island Thorpe yelled abuse at Victoria Police officers telling them “get a real job”, and accused them of being “violent perpetrators” and “white supremacist pigs”. Yet Thorpe was silent when Victoria Police were brutalizing anti-lockdown protestors.

At the federal election Lidia Thrope as the lead candidate on the Victorian Greens Senate ticket won a 6 year Senate term in her own right with Labor preferences helping her over the line. When she re-entered the Senate chamber she made a black power salute and when taking the oath of allegiance said“ I bear true allegiance to the colonising Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II”. Thorpe was instructed by Senate President Sue Lines to read the oath as printed.

On Australia’s Day of Mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 23 Lidia Thorpe engaged in the puerile stunt of dipping her hands in fake blood at Melbourne’s anti-Australia anti-monarch protest.

In September this year Thorpe’s former chief of staff David Mejia-Canales confirmed details of her outburst in a meeting with the two co-chairs of First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria Geraldine Atkinson and Marcus Stewart at Parliament House last year. Geraldine Atkinson was so distressed by the level of abuse directed at her by Thorpe she sought medical attention from the parliamentary nurse.

But it has been Lidia Thorpe’s most recent transgression which has led to loud and mainstream calls for her to resign from the Senate for gross misconduct. It was revealed in October that Thorpe dated the ex-president of the Victorian Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang Dean Martin while sitting on Parliament’s Law Enforcement Committee which receives briefings from the Australian Federal Police on its anti-bikie operations.

While in a secret relationship with Martin Thorpe was publicly seeing Gavan McFadzean of the Australian Conservation Foundation at the time who had no idea he was cheated on. It has also been revealed Thorpe questioned Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo about the deportation status of a suspected member of the Rebels. Thorpe did resign from her symbolic leadership position in the Greens of Deputy Senate Leader.

Greens Leader Adam Bandt called Thorpe’s failure to disclose her relationship with Martin, which Bandt’s staff knew of but he did not, was a “significant lack of judgement” from her. Bandt met with the Australian Federal Police about their concerns.

Lidia Thorpe’s own statement displayed some rare humility from her acknowledging she “made mistakes” and had not “exercised good judgement”. She later decided to refer herself to Parliament’s privileges committee but said she was not going anywhere.

The content from Lidia Thrope’s most appalling moments was originally published in the article The Never-Ending Grievance Greens.

Current moves by the Australian Government and businesses pushing for a green Australia would have us believe that climate change and environmental destruction are a national threat. But they ignore the elephant in the room that the environmental destruction occurring is not due to climate change but due to overpopulation and the pressure placed on already ageing infrastructure.

What does this mean for Australia with its high population growth and inadequate infrastructure development?

The world is facing two very large problems: climate change and population growth through migration. This growth is concentrated in the cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (Bolleter,,2021). With 88% of the Australian population living in cities and facing a shortage of housing infrastructure add to that annual population growth of 20% due to immigration ( J.Kellet 2019).

A major concern is the lack of suitable land on the Australian Continent as it is largely unsustainable for large-scale development and infrastructure due to its climate and hostile environmental conditions. Much of Australia is desert with limited water supplies making any development in Northern Australia impractical.

Urban development has been confined to a very small part of Australia in the southeastern mainland and Tasmania. Therefore it is the only part of Australia that can support a heavily urbanized population. It’s this area of the country where we are seeing the population growth increasing due to mass immigration with more urban development needed to keep up with the demand for housing and infrastructure. The supply to meet this demand caused by population growth has not kept up. ( J.Kellet.2019) Due to the nature of this problem, a trans-disciplinary solution is required made in the form of a National policy embracing all government departments from local to state guided by a national population policy initiative or national environmental policy and development initiative.( Bolleter,,2021)

As there is no significant population and national development policy currently at the national level. The only thing approaching this is the concept of high-speed rail links linking regional centres with major cities ( 2021). A trans-disciplinary solution incorporates environmental science, urban geography and effective environmental controls operating as a national development and environmental control population policy.

Economic considerations

What are the economic reasons behind the pro-growth lobby’s demand for a high population growth rate for Australia? Australia’s population growth migrant intake pre-covid was 140,000 migrants per year. It must be understood that this number is cumulative and taken with the natural birth rates works out to be a huge increase in population.( Betts &Gilding 2006)

The economic advantages of high immigration and population growth benefit the building industry, real estate, and property developers. The Government sees the demand caused by immigration as way to stimulate growth and many business interests sees Australia as being large and empty and in need of immigrants. In economic terms what this means is that with high immigration the demand for goods and services is high, such as the demand for houses which drives development and associated consumer spending and that stimulates economic growth. So an argument can be made that the higher our population the more demand for services and infrastructure and consumer demand which contributes to economic growth (Betts&Golding.2006  ).

While the development boom caused by mass immigration increased the demand for housing and the establishment of new suburbs the question arises who will pay for the infrastructure? Traditionally and legally it was the developer who provided the infrastructure services such as footpaths, open spaces and stormwater drainage for example. Once the development is complete the infrastructure is handed over to local government to maintain and paid for by rates.

There has been a trend towards the private provision of infrastructure born by developers themselves. ( Kettler & Nunninton.2019)

With this demand for infrastructure and the mass development of new housing in cities there is an increased demand for transportation infrastructure. Due to the massive costs involved the question is who pays? Public-private partnerships are an increasingly popular way to fund infrastructure projects and are of great benefit to the community if planned correctly with public consultation. But they can also cause great harm if the financial interest of private investors take precedence over the public good.

Case study Westconnex and the Financialisation of infrastructure. Westconnex is a 33km private tollway built in Sydney for $16.8 Billion AUD cost. Sydney has the highest number of private tollways in the world and is a top location for private investable infrastructure asset management.

West Connex is a private monopoly founded through secret contracts as public-private partnership as a private toll road with government underwriting all the risks. It was presented to the public in sections so there was no public consultation regarding the project.

With the project being made up of private secret contracts with each stage of the construction being compartmentalized there was no consultation or contact between planners and engineers.

The key aim of the project was in fact to maximise profit for investors with a no-competition clause included in the contract so that if any initiatives to reduce cars and trucks on the road or alternative transportation plans were introduced the Government would be liable for lost profits. This affects efforts and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions by reducing cars on the road and hinders the ability of the city of  Sydney to fight climate change by stopping the use of Green transport options. The project was simply commodifying public infrastructure and underwriting a private project.

The case here is the government has chosen the most expensive project and put profit ahead of people. (McManus.2021. To avoid this type of situation a trans-disciplinary design, project management and planning stage should be used with input for public consultation. An effective trans-disciplinary national planning framework must have national approvals and processes in place that are transparent to oversee our infrastructure as it struggles to keep pace with population growth.

The Australian federal government has been attempting to establish a national urban development policy but this has been hindered due to constitutional and political factors. The current attempt is a part of the Smart Cities program, a national transdisciplinary initiative called the city deals program whereby industry, government, and community work together in a trans-disciplinary program to deliver effective planning solutions it involves all three levels of government. In this transdisciplinary partnership, an effective and sustainable infrastructure including housing is delivered in a sustainable and liveability-and social cohesion but with its main aim of economic growth. It’s in essence a customized approach to planning with an-increased sustainability that is transdisciplinary, meaning that includes all of the government and private sector and the general public working towards a shared objective. Unfortunately due to the nature of the Australian constitution and the nature of federal versus state politics, it’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem.( Hu.2020) This is the reason there are huge waiting lists at hospitals why services are overstretched and why Medicare is failing

In conclusion, the Australian continent’s environmentally unsustainable for mass settlement. Its environment has a very low carry capacity thus making it a very small place the only subtle places are the southeast corner with a growth lobby pushing for higher immigration targets and no overall effective  national population and environmental action planning. These problems are complex and with the issues of Climate Change and environmental degradation and infrastructure decay and with the problems of profit over people and planet these problems can on be solved by acting with transdisciplinary planning and policy incorporating both public and private stakeholders to act with unified sense of purpose which unfortunately is not the case. This is not the way Smart Cities initiative works on a tactical level, not on the strategic national level needed with full control over local and state planning approvals.

So what does all this mean? It means that we have millions of migrants entering this country without the infrastructure to support the existing population and thus causing our standards of living to go down. This is why house rental prices are going through the roof. Next time you see a beloved park being turned into a high rise or that two week wait for a doctor’s appointment and you ask yourself the question. The answer is simple: too many people and not enough resources. As our population hits 28 million in the next two years it will not be long before those wait times get even longer and our cities look like Hong Kong.

Baker, D., Koliba, C., Kolodinsky, J., Liang, K., McMahon, E., Patterson, T., & Wang, Q. (2009). Moving toward a Trans-disciplinary Approach in the Land Grant-System: A Case Study. NACTA Journal53(2), 34–42.

Julian Bolleter, Bill Grace, Robert Freestone & Paula Hooper (2021): Informing future Australian settlement planning through a national-scale suitability analysis, International Planning Studies, DOI: 10.1080/13563475.2021.1899903

Betts, K., & Gilding, M. (2006). The Growth Lobby and Australia’s Immigration Policy. People and Place (Clayton)14(4), 40–52.

Kellett, J., & Nunnington, N. (2019). Infrastructure for new Australian housing: Who pays and how? Cities92, 10–17.

 McManus, P., & Haughton, G. (2021). Fighting to undo a deal: Identifying and resisting the financialization of the WestConnex motorway, Sydney, Australia. Environment and Planning. A53(1), 131–149.

Hu, R. (2020). Australia’s national urban policy: The smart cities agenda in perspective. The Australian Journal of Social Issues55(2), 201–217.


The Israeli government knows the truth, that gun ownership actually saves lives thus it’s best to help your citizens get guns not take them away. That’s why now Netanyahu is helping his Jews get guns. See recently Israel, being the warlike invading nation that it is, attacked Palestine, which killed many civilians, the most in decades actually and so some Palestinians attacked them back in what the Israelis described as a “terrorist attack”. Are Ukrainian attacks on Russians inside their own country considered “terrorist attacks?” But I digress, after this attack the Israeli government has now decided to help it’s citizens protect themselves from any further Palestinian attacks, so they are helping make gun ownership easier for their citizens. Wow does our western governments know this? Why are they trying to take our weapons away when they actually save our lives?



If gun ownership leads to more shootings then there’s no way Israel would help its citizens get guns. It’s that simple. Please whenever any stupid leftist mentions that guns need to be banned bring up the Israeli government argument. It might wake people up and stop the west from becoming an insane communist police state where the citizens are unarmed but the government is packing heat like there’s not tomorrow. WE SHOULD ALL BE ARMED LIKE THE JEWS ARE!

In fact many right wing policies of Israel should be adopted in the west. Why can they be right wing but the west has to be so lefty? How come they don’t get their elections rigged to have a leftist puppet installed? Something is going on. Why is it that all these anti gun governments are never anti gun for the police or army but are only anti gun for their citizens?

Well it’s because they are not really anti gun, they are pro gun, but they are just anti the citizens having guns. And there’s a reason for this, a shifty one. When they force their citizens into communist programs like Covid which the citizens hate, the citizens are far more likely to obey when they are unarmed. That’s the real reason they don’t tell you. They want you to do just as the government says and that’s why they ignore these facts about gun ownership. You know what some yankee businesses did during the covid lockdowns? They stayed open and they stood at their door with a gun by their side. No matter what the radical communist government said about locking down they stayed open. Guns bought them freedom from terrorists, yes guns sure did and Israel certainly knows this fact. Hence what they are doing now. Let’s hope we do the same.

It has been hectic during the last few months, and our awards season has come to an end! The Australian of the Year Awards were announced today, and the Unshackler Awards will be announced now! We thank all our voters for letting us know which individuals defined last year. From heroes of the Western world to triggered lefties, we have them all right here. Senior Editor of the Unshackled, Damien Ferri, presents the 2022 Unshackler Awards.

Let’s take a look at the achievements of each of the winners in each category and the vote totals below:

2022 Australian Regressive Of The Year

Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews wins the 2022 Australian Regressive Of The Year. Dan Andrews has always been a dangerous far-left puppet whether it be on enforcing LGBT and safe schools programs, pushing for an Australia Day date change, forcing people to have never ending boosters in order to keep their job, or generally living out his marxist dystopian fantasies by locking everybody up. Stan Grant came in second place, and Lidia Thorpe came in third place.

  1. Daniel Andrews (89%)
  2. Stan Grant (9%)
  3. Lidia Thorpe (1%)
  4. Anthony Albanese (1%)
  5. Mark McGowan (0%)
  6. Brad Hazzard (0%)
  7. Annastacia Palaszcuck (0%)
  8. Kerry Chant (0%)
  9. Sally Capp (0%)
  10. Monique Ryan (0%)

2022 Australian Unshackler Of The Year

Harrison McLean

Harrison McLean wins the 2022 Australian Unshackler Of The Year. Harrison has been one of the leading freedom activists throughout the entire pandemic. Simeon Boikov came in second place, and Maria Zee came in third place.

  1. Harrison McLean (80%)
  2. Simeon Boikov (13%)
  3. Maria Zee (1%)
  4. Monica Smit (1%)
  5. Graham Hood (1%)
  6. Rukshan Fernando (1%)
  7. Ralph Babet (1%)
  8. John Adams (1%)
  9. Joel Jammal (0%)
  10. Morgan C Jonas (0%)

2022 International Unshackler Of The Year

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson wins the 2022 International Unshackler Of The Year. Pauline was one of the very first politicians to come about in the modern era and address the many concerns of the average Aussie battler. Whether it be immigration, political correctness, marxist infiltration of our institutions, and climate hoaxes, she has always spoken her mind regardless of the media attacks. Ron DeSantis came in second place, and Elon Musk came in third place.

  1. Pauline Hanson (62%)
  2. Ron DeSantis (11%)
  3. Elon Musk (10%)
  4. Donald Trump (7%)
  5. Kanye West (4%)
  6. Georgia Meloni (3%)
  7. Jair Balsonaro (2%)
  8. Rand Paul (2%)
  9. Viktor Orbán (1%)
  10. Clive Palmer (1%)

2022 International Cuck Of The Year

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd wins the 2022 International Cuck Of The Year for the first time. Kevin has always been a sympathiser of the Chinese Communist Party, and a globalist lackey pushing the agendas of the corporate elite. Pat Cummins came in second place, and Prince Harry came in third place.

  1. Kevin Rudd (91%)
  2. Pat Cummins (4%)
  3. Prince Harry (2%)
  4. Joe Biden (1%)
  5. Volodymr Zelensky (1%)
  6. Justin Trudeau (1%)
  7. Malcolm Turnbull (1%)
  8. Matt Kean (0%)
  9. Emmanuel Macron (0%)
  10. Jeremy Hunt (0%)

2022 Cis-White Male Of The Year

Barclay McGain

Barclay McGain wins the 2022 Cis-White Male Of The Year for the first time. Barclay is a leading conservative activist and contributor to the Spectator. Alex Antic came in second place, and Novak Djokovic came in third place.

  1. Barclay McGain (54%)
  2. Alex Antic (9%)
  3. Novak Djockovic (7%)
  4. Malcolm Roberts (6%)
  5. George Christensen (6%)
  6. Kyle Rittenhouse (6%)
  7. Gerard Rennick (6%)
  8. Peter Dutton (3%)
  9. Matt Canavan (2%)
  10. Craig Kelly (2%)

2022 Triggered Feminist Of The Year

Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford wins the 2022 Triggered Feminist Of The Year. Clementine has always been one of the leading far-left misandrists of Australian society. Grace Tame came in second place, and Lisa Wilkinson came in third place.

  1. Clementine Ford (52%)
  2. Grace Tame (10%)
  3. Lisa Wilkinson (9%)
  4. Jacinda Ardern (8%)
  5. Meghan Markle (6%)
  6. Magda Szubanski (5%)
  7. Sarah Hanson Young (3%)
  8. Amber Heard (3%)
  9. Louise Milligan (3%)
  10. Vanessa ‘Van’ Badham (1%)

2022 Culture Warrior Of The Year

Drew Pavolu

Drew Pavolu wins the 2022 Culture Warrior Of The Year. Drew has been one of the leading critics of the Chinese Communist Party. Jacinta Price came in second place, and Martyn Iles came in third place.

  1. Drew Pavolu (35%)
  2. Jacinta Price (31%)
  3. Martyn Iles (11%)
  4. Mark Latham (6%)
  5. Bernie Finn (5%)
  6. Augusto Zimmerman (4%)
  7. Katherine Deves (3%)
  8. Evelyn Rae (3%)
  9. Alexandra Marshall (3%)
  10. Stephen Chavura (1%)

2022 Degenerate Of The Year

Joffa Corfe

Joffa Corfe wins the 2022 Degenerate Of The Year for the first time. A Collingwood AFL identity that has been caught up in sex scandals involving himself with teenage boys. Hunter Biden came in second place, and Rachel Levine came in third place.

  1. Joffa Corfe (44%)
  2. Hunter Biden (24%)
  3. Rachel Levine (9%)
  4. Ghislaine Maxwell (7%)
  5. Dylan Mulvaney (5%)
  6. Sam Brinton (5%)
  7. Rebel Wilson (3%)
  8. Ellen Page (2%)
  9. Chris Pincher (1%)
  10. Neil Parish (0%)

2022 International Media Personality Of The Year

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson wins the 2022 International Media Personality Of The Year for the fourth year in a row. He is a regular on Fox News and has been one in particular that has embraced the populist right wing movement. Candace Owens came in second place, and Paul Joseph Watson came in third place.

  1. Tucker Carlson (30%)
  2. Candace Owens (25%)
  3. Paul Joseph Watson (16%)
  4. Russell Brand (13%)
  5. Stew Peters (6%)
  6. Katie Hopkins (5%)
  7. Alex Jones (2%)
  8. Palki Sharma (2%)
  9. Tim Pool (0%)
  10. Luke Rudkowski (0%)

2022 Fake News Of The Year

The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail wins the 2022 Fake News Of The Year for the first time. A company that prides themselves in promoting reddit posts and only fans stories and passing it off as news. The ABC came in second place, and The Project came in third place.

  1. The Daily Mail (39%)
  2. ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (31%)
  3. The Project (15%)
  4. CNN (5%)
  5. Crikey (4%)
  6. The Guardian (3%)
  7. Nine News (1%)
  8. (1%)
  9. Seven News (0%)
  10. The New Daily (0%)

It’s your last chance to vote in the 2021 Annual Unshackler Awards where we look back and remember the last year including the good and the bad as we break the chains of control. Voting closes on Australia Day when the winners are announced, so if you haven’t had the chance to vote in all ten categories they are now listed in the one place.

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Ye (formerly known as Kayne West) has recently married Australian Bianca Censori and he wants to visit her family who live in Victoria. The Anti-Defemation Commission of course is trying to get him banned from entering the country under bad character grounds. They have contacted the Federal Government attempting to pressure the Immigration Minister into denying him entry just because of some things he said online which they find offensive.

They are treating him like a thought criminal in 1984. Now let’s not pervert the law. If a person stabbed someone or blew up a building then fair enough, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to enter Australia, and the law allows for this, but in this situation, Ye has only said things that some Jewish people have found offensive, that’s hardly a reason to deny him entry. This is another instance of the ADL exploiting Australia’s laws for their own political and personal agendas and bullying an individual they simply disagree with. Everybody has the right to say and think what they wish, no government has the right to force you to believe anything, the ADC clearly wish the government could control people’s minds like what occurs in the dystopian novel 1984. I DISAGREE WITH LEFTISTS ABOUT MANY THINGS BUT I DO NOT CALL FOR THEM TO BE BANNED FROM VISITING AUSTRALIA!


And what’s even more shocking is that the online hate speech they criticise Ye for is mostly him just trying to expose corrupt Jewish businessmen in showbiz, what’s wrong with that? We need to raise awareness of female exploitation by males in Hollywood with the #metoo movement just as we need to expose financial exploitation by Jewish managers occurring in Hollywood too. Ye reckons black musicians are being exploited and are in some sort of modern-day slavery situation. He’s been a victim of it, we should be treating him nicely not banning him from visiting Australia.

Recently Bill Gates entered Australia and the ADC said nothing. Bill Gates has been encouraging totalitarian communistic climate change laws for Australia, thus corrupting our government and lowering our living standards. In fact, he even met with our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese this week. So if there was ever anyone who should be denied entry on dangerous grounds it would be him. He doesn’t just say hurtful things, he does harmful things. But of course the ADL are not concerned with him.

This is a matter of freedom of speech, and the freedom to meet with your loved ones. Families should be able to get together and this bullying of Ye must stop. ADL PLEASE STOP MAKING AUSTRALIA LOOK LIKE A TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE THAT DENIES ENTRY TO PEOPLE WITH DIVERSE POLITICAL BELIEFS!

Ye’s wife is from Ivanhoe in Melbourne’s inner northeast, a suburb where there is also a Ye West themed restaurant. Let’s see where this ends up but I don’t have a good feeling about this one since Australia has a history of denying thought criminals entry.

P.S. Rebel News which does make some awesome content like confronting the Pfizer CEO at Davos wrote an article about this ban that sounded exactly as if a mainstream media outlet wrote it, that being it had an anti-Ye theme to it thus was a hit piece. I’m not being pro or anti-Ye in this article, I’m just refusing to jump on this mainstream ‘let’s hate Kanye West’ bandwagon. I’m simply pointing out that we should only deny people entry into the country who are actually dangerous and not people who only say offensive things.

Last week a machete-wielding 13-year-old boy terrified shoppers at an Alice Springs Woolworths. Alice Springs is fast becoming the new South Africa, crime rates are high as young Indigenous gangs run rampant, unsupervised and un-policed. Domestic violence and racism within Indigenous communities remain a common occurrence, whilst Australia’s champagne-sipping soycialists refuse to face facts, continuing to turn a blind eye, whilst exploiting Indigenous issues.

Summer is generally a time when violent crime peaks in Alice Springs leaving locals terrorized. The local council is currently seeking funding and approval for police dogs in anticipation of increased crime every summer. This is presumably because dogs can’t be considered racist. The mayor is calling for AFP or ADF support. Precautionary measures are also in place, such as keeping knives, glue, spray paint, scissors and literally anything potentially harmful under lock and key in most grocery stores. The fuel supply to NT is also a different content, due to the number of fuel sniffers.

Discrimination against non-Indigenous children is the norm as government provides the financial means for young Indigenous children be driven to school by the bus loads. Awards are given to many, just for turning up when required. This is not to say we should not help or encourage those in need, but at some point, Indigenous parents should be held to account for raising their own children, especially if they are receiving parenting payments. Funding is thrown at community groups and charity organisations seeking to improve life for indigenous communities, yet nothing changes. They continue to remain stuck in a cycle of abuse, crime, alcoholism, drugs and truancy.

People from all sides of the political spectrum can pinpoint whom to blame. They will argue it is systemic racism, colonialism, an ancestral issue, a lack of parenting support, but no one has any real solutions. Many believe The Voice, will solve their problems, but we already have elected representatives of Indigenous heritage who advocate for Indigenous rights and affairs. No one is really listening to them. At what point do we stop and look within, at the power each individual has to create changes to their own community? One could argue they are their own worst enemy. It only takes one person to be the change which then ripples outward to society.

Unfortunately, many have grown accustomed to the welfare cheque, but lack education on how to manage funds. Things are made worse by the lifting of the grog bans in remote central Northern Territory communities. Without proper guidance, financial assistance has proven ineffective and arguably a hindrance to real solutions. One need only look at the crime rate to know this.

Infected by its own form of racism, indigenous communities can also be tribal, tearing each other down from the inside by not respecting those belonging to other tribes. Whether one is full blood, mixed blood or simply chooses to live harmoniously with non-Indigenous Australians, can affect their standing within the community. Many would also much prefer to live like their ancestors. If such cases exist, perhaps we should honour their wishes and not interfere.

How can a group which allegedly receives so much support from community groups, charity groups and religious organizations still be in such a mess? It begs the question, whether funds allocated to such groups are transferred downstream where they are most needed. Perhaps an inquiry is required to ensure they are not exploiting the situation for personal gain. At a grassroots level, united Indigenous elders are required. With strong leadership, shared goals and support for parents, communities can grow and foster a sense of belonging for Indigenous youth. This in turn can only leave long-lasting, positive effects on society at large.

Actor Alec Baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while they were filming a western movie called Rust in 2021. A prop gun went off and it hit Halyna killing her and injuring the film’s director Joel Souza. Alec denies pulling the trigger. Thankfully the films’ armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed whose job is management of weapons is being charged too which makes sense but as Baldwin has said ‘..this is a terrible miscarriage of justice’.


Look this is just ridiculous, so someone stuffed up, probably the armorer, they loaded the prop gun with an actual bullet, someone died and now Alec Baldwin an innocent actor is being attacked by the justice system. What the hell is going on? Prosecutors had been given extra funding of $317,750 USD to investigate this high-profile case. What the? That’s strange. Now I bet you if this wasn’t a high profile case then there wouldn’t have been this extra funding and the police wouldn’t have charged Baldwin as well as the armorer. It’s just silly, he’s going to beat the charge. And this event occurred in 2021, why did it take this long to lay charges? It’s just unfair. The only person who should get in trouble is the person who loaded the gun with an actual bullet and if that is the amorer then he/she should be charged regardless of Alec pulling the trigger or not. They stuffed up, not Alec, this person should get punished if the system is to do it’s job properly. So what the hell is going on? Is this something to do with feminism? I mean Alec’s a man, the person who died was a woman, don’t tell me leftists are involved? Or is the government using this for anti gun propaganda? Don’t tell me the amorer is a woman and the feminist system is being light on her due to her gender?

Men in the commie west seriously get bullied and this might be more of it. But who knows maybe the film company is making this happen for free promotion of the Rust film which will come out one day? Maybe they know Alec will beat the charge anyway but it’s good publicity? I mean after all this I will want to see the film, I’m sure it will help with ticket sales. But I’m just sick of living in the west where we have stupid silly justice systems that get used wrongly or make tons of mistakes they shouldn’t, it’s just a disgrace. Can’t they get anything right? REALLY WHY THE HELL IS ALEC BALDWIN GETTING CHARGED FOR MANSLAUGHTER?

Now he is having to lie and say he didn’t pull the trigger when it’s very likely he did. He’s worried about going to jail for something he shouldn’t. I feel sorry to the guy, he will have to spend an insane amount of time and money fighting this case. The announcement of criminal charges comes three months after Baldwin and the Rust production company reached a settlement for an undisclosed amount with the family of the victim. I hope Alec personally didn’t have to pay them anything, he wasn’t at fault, and I hope the armorer gets a reasonable punishment when this is all done. But it’s never going to be a fair result now as an innocent actor has been accused of murder.