Ep. 96 The Escape Window

Australia’s internal borders are opening up for summer with the heat eridicating all flu like viruses. It’s the perfect time for those in unfree states to take advantage of this escape window before 2021 The Uncuckables panel discusses where to from here with the pandemic and lockdowns with Tim Wilms Editor of The Unshackled, David Hiscox, Jarrad Searby Director of the AMAG project, climate change and covid author Stephen Wells and Nick Patterson businessman and blogger at John8.net.

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The first high profile escapee from Melbourne is Andrew Bolt, though he’s only moving as a far as the Mornington Peninsula which is still in Metro Melbourne. Tim met up with Jarrad on the VIC-NSW border on the weekend where the cultural masking is still present in the extreme heat in Wodonga.

There are two different Freedom Day rallies in Melbourne this weekend. The Freedom Day on Sunday 6th in Broadmeadows is part of the nationwide Freedom Day rallies which are police approved. A separate Freedom Day rally on Saturday 5th is being held in Fawkner Park which is not police approved and hence has attracted the most police and media attention.

The UK has approved the Pfizer covid vaccine which needs to be stored at -70C and gives you a three day hangover. Nick highlights that Pfizer has had to pay compensation for past controversies. The Morrison Government still maintains it will be voluntary.

Australia-China tensions have escalated again this week with the Chinese Government Foreign Ministry released a fake photo of an Australian solider beheading an Afghan boy. David believes that Scott Morrison who has released the Brereton report which alleges war crimes in Afghanistan by Australian soldiers has opened up Australia up to such attacks. Morrison’s triggered response demanding an apology has achieved nothing.

Joe Biden has now amazingly got 81 million votes in the US Presidential Election. Biden’s new communications team is all female woke and looks like a MSNBC panel. Trump is running out of time to expose more voter fraud before the Electoral College meets to anoint Joe Biden President-elect.

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