Ep. 95 Summer SA Shutdown

Australia is on the brink of summer which is virus frying weather. Yet masks are still mandatory in now covid free Victoria. Meanwhile, SA has shut down the whole state for 6 days over a cluster of 22 cases The Uncuckables’ panel discusses the continuing covid panic with Tim Wilms Editor of The Unshackled, climate change and covid author Stephen Wells and Nick Patterson businessman and blogger at John8.net.

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South Australia’s lockdown is even more extreme and draconian than Victoria’s. Exercise outside is banned and so is walking the dog, a form of animal cruelty. In his panicked announcement Liberal Premier Steven Marshmallow initially planned to close bottleshops, this was quickly reversed but fuelled further panic buying.

According to the SA Chief Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier this is a new strain of the coronavirus which escaped from the state’s hotel quarantine spreads and mutates more quickly and shows up asymptotically. The trigger for this panicked decision was the discovery a security guard at quarentine worked part time at a pizza bar while infectious.

Victoria which is now covid-free has responded with a hard border with SA as they found some traces of the virus in the poo in Portland near the SA border. This means both states have a hard border with each other. Despite Victoria being covid-free masks are still mandatory statewide, though the state CHO Brett Sutton seems to have already ditched his mask while picnicking outside.

In the northern hemisphere as they approach the festive winter season political leaders are fearing families getting and spreading the coronavirus. In the UK they might allow families to celebrate Christmas for 5 days but add 25 more days to their lockdown. California Governor Gavin Newsom was caught having an unmasked non-socially distanced private dinner which he has banned for everyone else. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been upset the NYPD are not following let alone enforcing his lockdown rules.

The two latest coronavirus vaccines to come from the US post its Presidential election are from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna which they claim are 95%. They are applying for an emergency approval from the US FDA. Australian company CSL is already manufacturing the Oxford university vaccine in Melbourne despite it not being TGA approved.

Reg Penney joins the panel for the final segment of the show to discuss the latest round of social media deplaforming as he has been permanently disabled from Facebook. There has been further migration to free speech social media platforms Telegram, Gab and Parler. The panel speculates about the future of free speech on the internet and worldwide under a Biden Administration.

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