Ep. 85 Walls of Steel

Lockdown restrictions eased for regional Victorians today which meant the ring of steel makeshift wall to keep Melboruians out was tightened. Elsewhere in Australia state border walls remain up and virtually no one is allowed in and out of Australia. The Uncuckables panel discusses the continuation of fortress Australia with Tim Wilms Editor of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ, James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV and Jarrad Searby found of the AMAG Project.

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Jarrad being a resident of regional Victoria enjoyed some semi-freedom today though he still cannot cross the NSW border to Wodonga’s sister city Albury without a permit. Jarrad has founded the Australian Men’s Action Group (AMAG Project) to promote fitness and educating men about their rights as Australians.

With Melbourians still under curfew and not allowed out further than 5km from their homes Victoria Police have threatened them with a new $5k fine if they try to escape to regional Victoria. Though apparently Victoria’s police state can’t function when it rains as was demonstrated at a checkpoint on the way to Geelong on Thursday morning.

XYZ Satire is the most accurate predictor of the future with camps for Victorian Government dissents and conspiracy theorists looking possible with the Andrews Government seeking new detention powers for those considered ‘high risk’ of spreading the coronavirus. The Premier’s office this week announced that Victoria’s prison capacity would be expanded.

The Spectator Australia has also started with its own XYZ inspired close to the truth satire, James Macpherson published a mash-up and Dan’s dismissal of human rights concerns and that everything would be better if people didn’t object to his government’s policies.

The lawsuits against the curfew and other lockdown measures are now starting to pile up. One is from a restaurant owner on the Mornington Peninsula Liberal Party member Michelle Loielo. Avi Yemini is suing Victoria Police for his wrongful detainment at the September 5 anti-lockdown protest. A whistleblower in the Victoria Treasury Sanjeev Sabhlok has quit exposing the police state that he believes has Victoria become.

The US West Coast is becoming the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Wildfires are ravaging the states of California, Seattle and Washington with more evidence pointing to fires being deliberately lit by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The wildfires in California correlates with the state enacting laws to lessen the penalty for gay men committing sodomy on minors.


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