Ep. 83 Just Following Orders

Just obey the rules, follow the orders is all you’re allowed to say and do in Victoria now as the police and Andrews Government ramp up their crackdown on dissent to the stage 4 lockdown which still has no end in sight. The Uncuckables panel discusses the escalation of the Victorian Police state on this week’s show with Tim Wilms Editor of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ, James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV and Stephen Wells Author of the Great Coronavirus Swindle.

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Victoria Police this past week has been cracking down on dissent against the lockdown, including arresting a pregnant woman and charging her with incitement for planning a protest in Ballarat this Saturday. Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius defended the police raid on her home and the handcuffing of her. He said people must not protest this Saturday in Melbourne but they still have the right to be a keyboard warrior and fat-shame him. On the Uncuckables we follow his directives to mock and make fat jokes about him.

Daniel Andrews has said he will release a roadmap out of Victoria’s current lockdown on Sunday which was going to be Father’s Day. A draft was leaked to the Herald Sun which had the current stage 4 restrictions remaining in Melbourne for two weeks, then going to stage 3 until daily cases are under 10. Since Dan had his 6-month state of emergency power passed through the parliament he can make the path out of lockdown as slow as he likes.

Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk’s hard border closure with New South Wales has landed her in further trouble this week with border residents not receiving urgent medical care or having to quarantine when receiving treatment. But with Brisbane hosting the AFL Grand Final she has allowed AFL administrators to travel from Melbourne to quarantine in a resort hub. Eddie McGuire has also left Melbourne for the Gold Coast to cover the AFL and film his Millionaire Hot Seat program.

Antifa’s reign of terrorism and now murder in the US West Coast city of Portland has now accumulated with the firebombing of their chief enabler in the city Mayor Ted Wheeler. Nancy Pelosi claimed the reason why she was in a hair salon without a mask in San Fransisco because she was set up

In this US teen patriot militia member Kyle Rittenhouse who killed two Antifa terrorists including a known pedophile has received an outpouring of support and offers for legal help. After GoFundMe removed a legal defense fundraiser Lin Wood who has won Nicholas Sandmann $500million for defamation has taken on Kyle’s legal defense and launched the fightback fund to hold the fake news media and the radical left to account.


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