It’s been a week of August Surprises with coronavirus returning to New Zealand plunging them back into Lockdown. WA is now facing off against its biggest enemy of the state Clive Palmer. To discuss those surprises and other is on The Uncuckables panel is Tim Wilms Editor of The Unshackled and David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ.

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For the first half of the show Dieuwe de Boer of Right Minds NZ and Trad Tasman Talk joins the panel to describe the feeling on the ground in Auckland with the city going back into level 3 lockdown. This was over 17 news cases in the community, the New Zealand general election might be delayed. Mandatory quarantine has been announced for those who test positive in New Zealand.

Back in Victoria the daily coronavirus case and death curve has stabilized but the Andrews Government is still being slippery when it comes to accountability and transparency. Andrews still claims that Defence Force personnel were not on offer to man hotel quarantine. Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has been stripped of her quarantine responsibilities. The Victorian police state is still being heavily enforced, a woman was tackled to the ground by a male police officer for not wearing a mask.

Other states are tightening the borders with Victoria which could threaten those states food supply. There is only one man who could tear these borders down mining magnate Clive Palmer. The WA state government has passed emergency anti-Clive legislation to stop him suing the state removing his right to natural justice.

Senator Slayer joins the panel for the second half of show as the discussion moves the US. Joe Biden has picked Kamala Harris as is Vice-Presidential nominee fulfilling his promise to pick a woman of colour. Third-party libertarian presidential candidate Jo Jorgenson has been bitten by a bat.

James comments on further degeneration in the Peterson family with Jordan Peterson testing positive for coronavirus while still in drug rehab in Serbia. James hope Peterson can return to Jesus and find redemption.

The panel also discusses the feminist meltdown of Tomi Lahren because of her recent breakup with a man as she now blames all men for the fact she’s single. The AFL has also experienced its own racially aggravated metoo scandal with the locker room groping of Sudanese Richmond player Mabior Chol. Also, a keyboard critic of the show is discussed.


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