This week hell, if it exists and who goes there became an election issue. The show had a hellish start with a technical glitch but we went on with special Uncuckable guest Neil Erikson discussing with the Rational Rise’s James Fox Higgins Neil’s recent confrontation at a gay church in Melbourne with Tim Wilms attempting to moderate. Coming in after as always is David Hiscox Editor of XYZ.

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After James and Neil discuss the merits of the church confrontation we stay on the theme of Christianity with Bill Shorten demanding to know if Scott Morrison believes gays go to hell, Shorten also doubted if hell exists which might be better for him as alleged rapists might go to hell.

Once James signs off for the night Neil rejoins Tim and David and we discuss the thought police and censorship threats containing in post-Christchurch New Zealand. We express our disgust at drag storytime for kids in Melbourne for IDAHOBIT Day. We comment on Ben Shapiro destroying himself on the BBC, and pro-life victories in the United States with the movie Unplanned changing many minds.

We finish with Neil providing a summary of his trial and verdict stemming from charges from his clash with the left outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event in Melbourne in December 2017. Neil will not appeal his 120 hour community corrections order but still maintains the charges stemmed from selective policing. Neil also explains his social media disappearing after his allegations against the Liberal Party.

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