Victoria has become Covic with daily new coronavirus cases and deaths remaining the same. Melbourne is under stage 4 restrictions which involve needing a permit to work and a curfew. We are test case to the world with what can unfold in the next six weeks. On the Uncuckables panel tonight four Melbournians: Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ, Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life and Logan Spalding.

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The state of disaster declared to enact this stage 4 lockdown grant the Victorian authorities extraordinary powers, including to enter homes and premises without a warrant. With further business and industry shutdowns including reduced capacity at abattoirs, meat shortages are feared.

Premier Dan Andrews finally got grilled by the mainstream media at his daily coronavirus update about what he knew about the hotel quarantine failures and who set up the system, he claimed he knew nothing. While we are prisoners in our home we still have our virtual free speech for the moment, the I stand with Dan crew would want us all locked up for sedition.

Internationally a chemical explosion allegedly caused by ammonium nitrate in Beirut, Lebanon killing over a 100 and injuring over 4000. Waleed Aly host of the Project came under fire from Jewish groups for allowing Beirut-based photographer João Sousa to claim that the explosion was an Israeli terror attack.

In the United States, Facebook and Twitter have censored President Trump again for posting a clip advocating schools reopen because children are “essential immune” from the coronavirus. Police dashcam footage has been released from George Floyd’s arrest before his death revealing that there was much more to the story than police brutality.

In Showbiz news Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show has been revealed to be a workplace full of bullying, sexual harassment and staff mistreatment. Ellen herself has been exposed a cold uncaring selfish person.


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