As the coronavirus continues to spread in the state of Victoria the only real suppression appears to be information against the approved narrative of the pandemic and lockdown policies. On the return of the Uncuckables tonight is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ, Wodonga resident Jarrad Searby and Reg Penney from NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left.

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Reg being in Sydney, New South Wales is still a partially free man allowed to go out to the pub and gym. But Queensland will still be shutting the border to residents of Greater Sydney. The second wave in NSW or any other state hasn’t eventuated over the past few weeks.

A pair of African teenage girls who went on a shoplifting spree in Melbourne then lied on their return to Queensland about their travels and positive covid test have set off fears of a second wave in that state. But because they are non-white it is racist to shame them. But apparently it is fine to shame and doxx all the anti-lockdown pro-freedom activists who have not tested positive for coronavirus.

Jarrad being a Wodonga resident is still able to leave the house, go to the pub and elsewhere but from Monday will be forced to wear a face-covering as the mandate extends to the rest of Victoria. Jarrad is following Clive Palmer’s constitutional challenge to the state border closures which could see all the walls be brought down and all unauthorized border crossing penalties could be invalidated.

The mainstream and social media have engaged in another round of censorship of qualified licensed doctors discussing the benefits of of the drug Hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus and speaking out against lockdowns. Dr. Stella Immanuel has been the doctor most attacked even though she’s a medical expert plus a woman of colour whom the progressives would normally tell us to listen to.


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