With further coronavirus clusters consuming current concerns there is apparently still resources to deplatform and cancel more people for wrongthink and crassness. This week’s Uncuckables is about Canning Cancel Culture with Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, Richard Wolstencroft Host of the Report from Tiger Mountain and Climate denier Stephen Wells.

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Victoria’s coronavirus curve continues to grow with over 300 new cases announced on Thursday morning. The stage three lockdown and quarantining of new cases appears to be making things worse with hundreds of police and health workers needing to be isolated due to contact with coronavirus cases.

The mainstream media is pushing for an even more draconian stage 4 lockdown, whatever that is. They are also pushing for mask mandates and lobbying for a coronavirus elimination strategy instead of suppression, even though elimination would mean never ending lockdowns and border closures.

Despite the coronavirus second wave being the politicians and media’s current gravest concern again, the after-effects of the Black Lives Matter 2.0 protests cancel culture is continuing. US journalist Bari Weiss publicized her resignation from the New York Times accusing the paper of having the Twitter mob being its ultimate editor. The gender bender police are still after anyone who still believes in biological gender, JK Rowling being the most prominent target.

New brand names are entering into the political area. After the CEO of Goya foods praised President Trump progressives called for a boycott of the Hispanic bean company. Wayfair which ships carpentry equipment has been accused of using their overpriced storage materials to traffic children.


Bari Weiss Resignation from NYT
UK’s biggest cervical cancer charity shuts down disgustingly transphobic lie that ‘only females get cervical cancer’ – Pink News
Health department says total of 388 healthcare workers have been infected with coronavirus – The Guardian
Police officer at CBD station tests positive, fears for regional office – The Age
Donald Trump Poses with Goya Beans and Cookies in the Oval Office – Breitbart

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