The far-left Marxist extremists, social media giants, celebrities and the politico-media complex have fulled the flames of the US riots and trying to export them around the world. They are master baiters when it comes to racial politics, division and grievances. The Uncuckables panel calls out all the fake, covered up and manipulated news with Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox, Editor of the XYZ and James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV.

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A month ago we were all under house arrest in the name of public health and safety due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet the same parties who enforced and supported the shutdown of our society are now cheering on the widespread rioting, looting and random acts of senseless violence and assaults.

These riots were all triggered by the death of 45-year-old African-American man George Floyd after an incident of police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite the city and state being run by Democrats, it is MAGA country that is being blamed and President Trump’s vow to restore law and order is being blamed for fuelling the violence.

The expression go woke go broke in regard to corporate virtue signalling has turned into go woke get looted. Woke corporations Nike and Target have been looted, as have woke small business owners. Some corporations like Ben and Jerry’s, Chick-fil-A and Bank of America have responded by going even woker.

The far-left in Australia are attempting to import Black Lives Matter rallies to Australia this weekend. Despite cracking down on anti-lockdown protests and threatening to fine businesses exceeding their capacity state governments and police have been timid in enforcing social gathering and distancing requirements for the planned rallies. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has pleaded with the local Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance to cancel the rallies and claimed he’s on their side.

The mainstream media is learning during riots and civil unrest their special media rights and privileges don’t mean anything. Two Australia reporters who were attacked covering Black Lives Matter rallies in London. A Channel Seven crew were pushed by police in Minneapolis and a CNN crew were arrested.


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