Ep. 7 Billy and the BushPig

The federal election went Bush(Pig) this week with another egging. Offering their analysis on The Uncuckables’ this Thursday was regulars David Hiscox, Editor of XYZ and Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, plus Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life and calling into the show later on Neil Erikson and Australian Meditations.

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We begin with EggGirl Amber Holt and how her alleged attempted egging didn’t quite obtain the reaction she was hoping for. David and Matty met up with and interviewed Senator Fraser Anning again when he was in Melbourne to introduce his Victorian candidates and share their thoughts about how his party is fairing in the election.

The Greens had two candidate social media scandals this week, their Lalor candidate was disendorsed for sharing politically incorrect memes, however their Lingiari candidate survived for sharing a coconut meme about CLP indigenous candidate Jacinta Price.

Matty and David delay talking about Bill Shorten crying over his mother to talk about XYZ editorial disputes over correct grammar. We look at what the regressive left have been up to: they are now attacking Mothers’ Day, warning about ABC cuts under a Coalition government and the climate council is alleging climate change will cause significant economic damage.

We also touch on a childcare centre scam where the operators were receiving subsidies for nonexistent children and how the alleged scammers looked of Middle Eastern appearance and had Middle Eastern sounding names.

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