The coronavirus today killed BuzzFeed Oz and UK and has put several other news outlets in intensive care. On Thursday’s Uncuckables discussing this and more on Dicktator Dan in Victoria Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ, Logan Spalding Host of What’s He on About Now and for the first half-hour Matty Rose of Matty’s Modern Life.

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Dicktator or Chairman Dan Andrews as he has become known copped an epic Twitter spray from State Liberal MP Tim Smith for his decision not to open restaurants, pubs and cafes in a reduced capacity calling him a “friendless loser”. On Mother’s Day, Dan’s Victoria Police shut down an anti-lockdown protest and harassed attendees.

BuzzFeed is not the only mainstream media outlet to make amputations during the pandemic. Sky News is no longer paying contributors as its parent company News Corp posted a $1.5 billion loss. HuffPost has also suffered continued cutbacks since it was bought by globalist tech giant Verizon. The mainstream media has attempted to sell itself as the authoritative news source about the coronavirus yet CNN invites Greta Thunberg on its medical expert panel.

China has followed through with some of their economic trade threats banning the import of our barley and meat from four arbitrators. Communist China’s greatest assets in Australia are the anti-Australia brigade who will always say give into China’s bullying. Labor Senator Kim Carr bizarrely claimed that calling for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus was anti-Science Nazism.

The left and mainstream media were finally concerned about privacy and government overreach when they remembered Peter Dutton is the federal minister in charge. Dutton has proposed legislation to parliament to allow ASIO to engage in warrantless surveillance. This will apparently help us catch more terrorists and pedophiles but history shows us these powers are used against political dissents.


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