As our leaders appear likely to cede to the push for lockdown restrictions to be relaxed they are still pushing the flu prick and tracing app. On the Uncuckables Thursday panel is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ, local nationalist wife and mother Marcia Leite and Australian Meditations.

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The discussion begins again in Marcia’s native Brazil, she explains she is an Australian resident, not a citizen but considers herself loyal to Australia as her husband and children are Australians. Marcia supports Australia remaining a white nation. Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro has led anti-lockdown protests in Brasilia as just like Trump he is facing overzealous state Governors enforcing their own lockdowns.

The Chinese social media platform has sent westerns in lockdown to new depths of decadence with the piss your pants challenge.

Despite National Cabinet meeting Friday to set out how social restrictions will be relaxed Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has said house arrest will still be in place on Mother’s Day Sunday. Dan has come scrutiny over a coronavirus cluster at a halal slaughterhouse Cedar Meats which has been a donor to the Victorian Labor Party.

A NRL player rebellion led by Bryce Cartwright against the code’s no jab no play flu vaccination policy has seen the NRL back down, despite political pressure to enforce mandatory vaccinations. A freelance writer has compared those who refuse to download the CovidSafe app to antivaxxers for not trusting the government or tech experts.

Senator Slayer Neil Erikson zoom-bombs the show during the second hour as the panel goes through another ABC news article claiming that racism has spiked due to coronavirus and we need even stronger laws against free speech in response. Of course hate speech laws never protect white people or Christians from abuse.


Social-media bozos are now peeing their pants out of lockdown boredom – NY Post
Coronavirus-fuelled racism prompts debate on whether Australia’s laws are strong enough – ABC News

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