With New Zealand joining Australia’s National Cabinet a trans-Tasman trade bubble post coronavirus containment is still an active idea. But some leaders like Dan Andrews want to keep us locked down until we can extend that bubble back with China, even as other leaders suggest bursting the China bubble.

To analyze what is really going on underneath these contradictions on Tuesday Uncuckables is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ and Richard Wolstencroft Host of the Report from Tiger Mountain.

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Victoria is dealing with new coronavirus cluster at a halal meatworks in Brooklyn in Melbourne’s West called Cedar Meats. It is run by a Lebanese family who were donors to Andrews’ Victorian Labor Party. 49 infections are linked to meatworks which exports much meat to China.

Dan Andrews is the last holdout in the Tasman states (which now include New New Zealand) in relaxing lockdown with Victorians still under house arrest until at least May 11. Andrews is also going to allow China to rebuilt the Victorian economy they have both shattered using China’s One Belt One Road global infrastructure program.

Victoria Police has been in damage control since a Senior Constable leaked photos of former AFL football Dean Laidley in custody dressed as a woman. It has suspended two officers who will be charged and face internal disciplinary action.


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