Ep. 63 Open Wide Shut

The lockdown luvvies want us to continue to be locked in our homes and schools shut despite domestic coronavirus containment. But they still want prisons, detention centres and borders open when it was international people movement that spread the virus.

To break down the philosophy and end goals behind these contradictory lockdown advocates is the Thursday Uncuckables Team: Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ and James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV.

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We started with some breaking news that Raelene Castle the CEO of Rugby Australia who sacked Isreal Folau has resigned. She joins NRL CEO Todd Greenberg in being a woke sporting administrator brought down by the coronavirus.

The far-left have learned to love the lockdown since it is causing as much economic damage as they aimed to achieve with climate alarmism. Though they are still triggered that the far-right are using the coronavirus pandemic to say ‘I told you so’ as this virus was able to spread thanks to globalism and open borders. They are also continuing to decry “racism” against Asian-Australians.

New Zealand has the world’s most totalitarian lockdown as they have banned the sale of fiction and other “non-essential books”. Meanwhile Malcolm Turnbull’s publisher is going after 59 political operatives who obtained a pirated version of his memoir.

We are told the lockdown can only end if we invite the government to track our movements with the coronavirus tracing app. Meanwhile, China is now flexing its geopolitical muscle more than ever after the west has been crippled by the virus they created. Facebook and YouTube censorship have now turned treasonous in censoring content that goes against China’s puppet globalist body the World Health Organisation.


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