With Australia grounded due to the coronavirus lockdown Virgin Airline has been bleeding out now going into voluntary administration begging for a government bailout. Commenting on that and the other recent covid casualties on Tuesday Uncuckables is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life and Richard Wolstencroft from the Report from Tiger Mountain.

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Labor and the Unions have been out demanding the Australian taxpayer bailout Virgin Australia even though it is majority-owned by the Arabs and the Chinese.

The NRL had also been asking for a bailout due to CEO Todd Greenberg’s waste and mismanagement of the game’s funds, he was forced to quit in some good news.

Australia’s coronavirus curve has flat-lined but we can’t be released from lockdown according to our governments unless we download the coronavirus tracking app. The bar keeps getting lifted as to why we can’t get our freedoms back.

Some good news was the Victoria Police officer who made the ‘okay’ sign to socialist protesters during their mining conference blockade has been cleared in an internal investigation.

Malcolm Turnbull’s exclusive interview with the ABC’s Leigh Sales aired on Monday night. He again repeated his assertion that a foreign power in Rupert Murdoch brought down his Prime Ministership.

In the US the protests against lockdown continue. President Trump has suspended immigration to the nation. Joe Biden continues to produce cringeworthy basement campaign videos and interviews.


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