Policing formulas currently appear aimed at certain figures rather than those looting Australia. On another Tuesday Uncuckables join Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ, Reg Penney from NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left and YouTuber Thomas Brasher.

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It’s Thomas’ debut on the Uncuckables so the rest of the panel interview him about his young life to date. Thomas was one of the Lads Society members who was doxxed by the White Rose Society and the ABC’s Alex Mann for joining the NSW National Party in 2018. ANZ Bank recently shut his bank account, likely due to his activism.

Victoria Police is still after George Pell looking at charging him for a 27th time. The Victorian Government just by coincidence has just unveiled new judicial directives for sexual assault trials where judges won’t have to instruct juries to question accusers testimonies.

The World Health Organisation’s latest capitulation to China is approving the reopening of their wet markets that sell live animals including bats. The source of the coronavirus outbreak was either batsoup or a local bioweapon release. Tedros Adhanom the WHO Director-General is from a Marxist-Leninist black nationalist political party.

Chinese ‘daigou shoppers’ are still mass purchasing baby formula and shipping it back to China, a man confronted a Chinese couple over this practice in a Big W in Melbourne. Mainstream media refused to mention race, identity politics and the race card is still communist China’s greatest weapon.

Other news discussed is the NRL’s planned return on May 29 to save itself from collapse. Twitter suspended Steve Bannon’s Pandemic Warroom account. Plus Trump and the US press corp are still at war with each other during the pandemic.


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