Coronavirus wasn’t the leading story today, religion was with Catholic Cardinal George Pell released from prison with our High Court quashing his child sex conviction. Sports has become a battle of the codes to survive the pandemic shutdown.

To discuss all this on the Uncuckables panel is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, Reg Penney from NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left and Melbourne YouTuber and patriot Johnny Moore.

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It is Johnny’s first appearance on the Uncuckables so the show begins with him introducing himself to the audience. Reg and Johnny are both Catholics so share their thoughts on George Pell having his child sex conviction quashed 7-0 by the full bench of the High Court. Tim as an atheist reflects on how the legal institutions of Victoria allowed such as miscarriage of justice to happen? There has also been the media witchhunt against Pell by the ABC and social media throughout this legal tragedy.

All Australian sports codes have been suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. Tim and Johnny being AFL fans take solace our code will survive. Reg is an NRL fan and its CEO Todd Greenberg has said some clubs may not survive. But Rugby Australia is doing the worst under its CEO Raelene Castle who sacked Israel Folau with the code facing a $120 million revenue shortfall.

The fight against the coronavirus is still the biggest global story. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care a week after being diagnosed with the coronavirus. Anger with China is growing for creating the virus with now US politicians joining those in Australia calling for China to be forced to pay reparations and compensation to the rest of the world.

Australia is flattening the curve with daily infections continuing to decrease. This now has many wondering how long must we be subjected to these draconian lockdown measures with local police randomly pulling people over outside their home demanding to know their business, and fining them if they deem them to be engaging in non-essential travel.


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