Australia is set to shut down its borders to foreigners in the next step in coronavirus containment measures. Globalism is bringing death, nationalism in the solution. The Uncuckables panel asses our new world with Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of the XYZ, James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV and Reg Penney from NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left.

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Members of the Uncuckables had been expecting global economic collapse and globalist experiment to end in disaster, but ordinary people hadn’t, hence the panic buying coupled with bad and selfish behavior on full display. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has vowed to come after hoarders and price gougers stripping supermarket shelves.

Nationalism is the cure to this pandemic and would have contained it. Globalist leaders who helped spread the virus have finally acted to close national borders. Italy’s death toll will now surpass China, other European nations’ infection rates and rapidly growing. First world political issues like climate change and gender pronouns are now dead.

Governments are now fearful of losing control of public order, hence offering to bailout as many industries as possible affected by the coronavirus and promising extra welfare to citizens, even though all global governments are in debt.

With many people choosing to voluntarily stay side this an opportunity for society to learn the benefits of communitarianism again. Cooking for yourselves and family, making your own entertainment rather than clubbing or wining and dining. Young couples today should also think about producing a post corona baby boom.

The mainstream media in the United States are still triggered by Trump calling it the Chinese virus. China is where it originated, the Communist Government claims the virus is now under control in the nation. But do we believe them? They should still bear the most responsibility for being the birthplace of the virus.


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