On Tuesday’s regular Uncuckables Coronapanic in Australia continues with toilet paper still selling out. Meanwhile, Hollywood is back preaching despite its perversions still making headlines.

On the panel, tonight is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, Richard Wolstencroft Host of the Report from Tiger Mountain and Director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and Reg Penney from Channel Reg and NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left.

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As well as the mass toilet paper panic buying Australia, our emergency wards are beginning to fill up with those wanting to get tested for coronavirus.

Super Tuesday II is upon us with Joe Biden positioned as the clear frontrunner, the Bernie bros are about to be screwed over again, how will they react this time? Also, will Hillary Clinton be Biden’s VP?

Pedowood news continues to break, Corey Feldman’s documentary the Rape of two Coreys premiered despite the movie website being hacked. Charlie Sheen was named as the rapist of now-deceased child actor Corey Haim. Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein slipped and concussed himself in prison. Hollywood propaganda is still being pumped out during election with the new anti-America First miniseries the Plot Against America.

After Richard leaves the studio Senator Slayer Neil Erikson phones in. The focus of the show then turns to Australian local politics with National Careers Ambassador Scott Cam becoming very defensive about his 350k taxpayer-funded position. George Pell’s High Court appeal against his historical sex crime conviction begins tomorrow which could go either way.

We finish with the two hypocrites of the week. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young provided a reference for a political lobbyist friend who pled guilty to slapping his wife. NSW Police Minister David Elliot shooting a firearm illeally.


Photos Surface Of NSW Police Minister David ­Elliott Allegedly Shooting Prohibited Firearms РSporting Shooter
TV star Scott Cam’s $350,000 taxpayer salary ‘none of your business’ – Sky News
The Party Room Interview with Sarah Hanson-Young

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