On this week’s traditional Thursday Uncuckables it’s the great TP panic Australia as toilet rolls are on the runs off supermarket shelves eve. To add some perspective to what is really at play with this offshoot of the coronavirus panic is the panel Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, James Fox Higgins Director of Rational Rise TV and Mark Moncrieff from the Melbourne Traditionalists.

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The ‘bizarre’ reason a politician changed the colour of Comcars – 2GB
SBS criticises Australia’s Jewish Treasurer for Racism towards Hindus – The XYZ
IPA Campus Coordinator Takes QUT Student Guild To The QLD Human Rights Commission
Greta Thunberg’s snub as she accuses EU of climate betrayal, denounces 2050 target – The Australian
Idiot Greta Thunberg named Communist of the Year – The XYZ
‘They are starting to get more and more desperate’: Greta Thunberg responds to a Canadian oil company accused of creating a vulgar cartoon – Business Insider

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