As Australia fries during Christmas over in the United Kingdom, they have an extremely white Christmas. The Uncuckables is joined for this festive episode by very special guest the original and veteran British patriot activist Mark Collett.

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In the studio to interview Mark is Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and Matty Rose of Matty’s Modern Life and XYZ. While Tim tries to maintain order and cover as many events in Mark’s activist career as possible Matty explores with Mark the continued attacks on Christianity while other religious’ crimes are ignored or excused. Much time is also given to how men and women should approach youth, family and healthy living to be the best example to their community.

Tim asks Mark about his infamous appearance in 2002 on a documentary called Young, Nazi and Proud and what he learned. Plus his time with the British National Party and his return to activism with Patriotic Alternative. Mark also briefly offers his views on other nationalist figures such as Tommy Robinson and Nicholas J. Fentues.

Mark Collett

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The Fall of Western Man

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