This year’s Halloween as seen the groyper army morph from existing only on the internet to entering real life. The Uncuckables discuss this spooky new phenomena and its unsuspecting victims with its costume dressed panel Tim Wilms, Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox, Editor of The XYZ and Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan.

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Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA thought he had created a pro-Trump America First campaigning and activist machine. That was until Nicholas J. Fuetes host of America First and his groyper followers began to question Kirk at public events about his support for foreign aid for Israel, embrace of social liberalism and more free flowing immigration to the United States.

The conversation then turns to how more multiethnic states such as Canada and Belgium are beginning to fail. In Australia even staggered immigration still sees Australians retreat to their ethnic tribes in their local areas. Native citizens should be encouraged to have more children rather than have immigration continue our economic functionality.

Super celebrities dominating the news this week are rapper Kayne West’s new Christian album Jesus is King. Has Kayne found his calling? Or is this another one of his phases? Former President Barack Obama has criticized woke and cancel culture. Though didn’t his Presidency foster it?

Jordan Peterson’s reputation has taken somewhat of a tumble this year. This was partly due to Vox Day’s Jordanetics critique. Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire has also mishandled recent criticism. In the UK the return of Mark Collett has overtaken the previous influence of Tommy Robinson.

Back in Australia even the conservative mainstream media is now naming and shaming the Marxists in Melbourne holding the aggressive IMARC protests. Victoria Police have made no apologizes for their response and in a sign they have had enough of crime and disorder in Melbourne are planning industrial action.


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