Ep.3 Vegan Egg Folauful

The Uncuckables is back for another Thursday night with David Hiscox, Editor of XYZ, Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life and XYZ, Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and a little later in show Steele Archer Editor at Large for The Unshackled makes his debut.

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On the no off-limits agenda this show is deconstructing the attempted vegan takeover of Australia this week and how the bad optics and poor arguments actually encouraged people to eat more meet.

Matty shares a video he made of Tim’s apparent white nationalist revelations. We look at how the rainbow flag has been co-opted by the alt right. We analyze the punishment of EggBoy with a caution how it fits a pattern of left wing violence.

We look at the latest fake hate crime in the form of a dark skinned baby doll with a noose around its neck being left at an Aboriginal Centre. There has also been another attempted smear of Senator Fraser Anning accusing him of avoiding military service in Vietnam.

We look at Scott Morrison calling the 2019 federal election and the conduct of activist groups, the main one being the Soros funded progressive group GetUp and the effectiveness of new conservative activist group Advance Australia new mascot Captain GetUp.

We also have enough time left over to cover the late breaking news that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested in London at the Ecuadoran Embassy and will be extradited to the US to face hacking charges. How his case is handled will be the biggest test of Trump’s Presidency.

The other breaking story was rugby player Israel Folau being sacked by Rugby Australia for another social media post where he expressed his Christian belief that homosexuals and various other sinners were destined for hell.

David finishes the show by discussing how AI and committees that are exploring it are racist.

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