Hail the Chosen One, or King of the Jews. President Trump described himself as both this week where the big stories reigned supreme.

In the studio as always is Tim Wilms Editor of Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ, joining us for the first half of the show Richard Wolstencroft from the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and the Report from Tiger Mountain, and later on via Skype returning is Australian Meditations.

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Trump has been talking himself up as Isrealis greatest ally, even suggesting Jews in America should vote for him on that basis. He was successful in having Israel ban two members of the congressional squad Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from traveling to the West Bank.

Trump made a pitch to purchase the island of Greenland from Denmark, but the offer was not well received by the Danish Prime Minister.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death has been officially ruled a suicide by the medical examiner, despite all of the irregularities and suspect circumstances surround his death in custody while awaiting fresh child sex trafficking charges.

Australia is assisting the United States in sending warships to patrol the Straight of Hormuz, the strategic sea passage to the Persian Gulf and the Arab states. Iran has seized two oil tankers traveling through to flex its diplomatic muscle in the wake of the US tearing up the nuclear deal.

Alan Jones and SockGate has continued. ABC’s Media Watch program on Monday night revealed more comments he made against Jacinda Ardern. Sleeping Giants Oz and Mad Fucking Witches have pressured 22 advertisers to withdraw from his radio program. The new owners of 2GB Nine seem to be laying the groundwork to dismiss Jones.

Pauline Hanson went to climb Ayers Rock before the activity is banned this October. However she sought permission from the two sons of Paddy Uluru and the Anangu Council of Elders. Later this week she was banned from Twitter for suggesting climate protestors should be moved on with a cattle prod.

The Queensland Government is finally promising to introduce tougher laws to crack down on invasive and disruptive climate and vegan protesters in the state. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been under pressure not just on that issue but the alleged corrupt activities of her Deputy Jackie Trade and Chief of Staff.

The Proud Boys went to Portland in the US state of Oregon again and triggered Antifa. All the Proud Boys did was show up and Antifa with their armed violence again proved why President Trump is right in looking into listing them as a domestic terror organisation.

The battle against the legalisation of abortion until birth in New South Wales has had a significant victory with more time allowed for consultation. This following a highly successful rally for life outside the Parliament Tuesday evening. Religious leaders and institutions have played a huge part in the renewed movement to protect human life.

The upholding of the jury conviction against Cardinal George Pell by the Supreme Court of Victoria has still led to a community divided. Many believe the probability of him sexually assaulting the two choir boys in St Patrick’s Cathedral was zero. It has led to a further credibility attack on the Catholic Church.


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