Ye (formerly known as Kayne West) has recently married Australian Bianca Censori and he wants to visit her family who live in Victoria. The Anti-Defemation Commission of course is trying to get him banned from entering the country under bad character grounds. They have contacted the Federal Government attempting to pressure the Immigration Minister into denying him entry just because of some things he said online which they find offensive.

They are treating him like a thought criminal in 1984. Now let’s not pervert the law. If a person stabbed someone or blew up a building then fair enough, maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to enter Australia, and the law allows for this, but in this situation, Ye has only said things that some Jewish people have found offensive, that’s hardly a reason to deny him entry. This is another instance of the ADL exploiting Australia’s laws for their own political and personal agendas and bullying an individual they simply disagree with. Everybody has the right to say and think what they wish, no government has the right to force you to believe anything, the ADC clearly wish the government could control people’s minds like what occurs in the dystopian novel 1984. I DISAGREE WITH LEFTISTS ABOUT MANY THINGS BUT I DO NOT CALL FOR THEM TO BE BANNED FROM VISITING AUSTRALIA!


And what’s even more shocking is that the online hate speech they criticise Ye for is mostly him just trying to expose corrupt Jewish businessmen in showbiz, what’s wrong with that? We need to raise awareness of female exploitation by males in Hollywood with the #metoo movement just as we need to expose financial exploitation by Jewish managers occurring in Hollywood too. Ye reckons black musicians are being exploited and are in some sort of modern-day slavery situation. He’s been a victim of it, we should be treating him nicely not banning him from visiting Australia.

Recently Bill Gates entered Australia and the ADC said nothing. Bill Gates has been encouraging totalitarian communistic climate change laws for Australia, thus corrupting our government and lowering our living standards. In fact, he even met with our Prime Minister Anthony Albanese this week. So if there was ever anyone who should be denied entry on dangerous grounds it would be him. He doesn’t just say hurtful things, he does harmful things. But of course the ADL are not concerned with him.

This is a matter of freedom of speech, and the freedom to meet with your loved ones. Families should be able to get together and this bullying of Ye must stop. ADL PLEASE STOP MAKING AUSTRALIA LOOK LIKE A TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE THAT DENIES ENTRY TO PEOPLE WITH DIVERSE POLITICAL BELIEFS!

Ye’s wife is from Ivanhoe in Melbourne’s inner northeast, a suburb where there is also a Ye West themed restaurant. Let’s see where this ends up but I don’t have a good feeling about this one since Australia has a history of denying thought criminals entry.

P.S. Rebel News which does make some awesome content like confronting the Pfizer CEO at Davos wrote an article about this ban that sounded exactly as if a mainstream media outlet wrote it, that being it had an anti-Ye theme to it thus was a hit piece. I’m not being pro or anti-Ye in this article, I’m just refusing to jump on this mainstream ‘let’s hate Kanye West’ bandwagon. I’m simply pointing out that we should only deny people entry into the country who are actually dangerous and not people who only say offensive things.

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