Ep. 2 The Dump Button

After the successful debut of The Uncuckables last Thursday we are back with David Hiscox, Editor of XYZ, Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and James Fox Higgins host of the James Fox Higgins Show on the Rational Rise for his first full-length show.

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On the no off-limits agenda this show is reviewing the 2019 Federal Budget, the Senate censuring Fraser Anning and his party being registered, the ABC’s anti-white dump, YouTube’s new way of restricting but not banning right-wing channels and Islam continues its clash with the LGBT West.

News Links
Federal Budget 2019 Winners and Losers – ABC
Penny Wong Labels Hate Speech Harmful to Democracy – The Unshackled
Penny Wong wouldn’t know an Aussie value if it bit her on the bum – XYZ
Registered- Fraser Anning’s Party Registered By AEC – The Unshackled
PooGate: Defecating on the face of a white woman complies with ABC editorial policy – XYZ
Islam Continues Its Clash with the LGBT West – The Unshackled
Thank God that Saudi THOT didn’t make it to Australia – XYZ
Qantas expels Fraser Anning from exclusive Chairman’s Lounge club – news.com.au
Qantas Partner Airlines

XYZ Links

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Modern Life Channel
XYZ Live Channel

The Rational Rise James Fox Higgins Links

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