On this week’s show along with regulars Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ we welcome for the first time Richard Wolstencroft from the Report from Tiger Mountain and the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. We also welcome back after long hiatus James Fox Higgins of The Rational Rise.

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We first deal with some breaking news that Cory Bernardi is deregistering his Australian Conservatives Party after their poor result in the federal election. He is tipped to rejoin the Liberal Party. We all agree that Cory’s bland form of conservatism was not what the electorate was after.

We then move to Westpac’s decision to close the bank account of patriot activist Blair Cottrell for unspecified “commercial reasons”. Obviously because they not like his views and it is a further escalation of the corporate deplatforming movement.

We provide an update the AFL latest social justice campaign with their behavioural awareness officers policing fans behaviour. Jeff Kennett made the point that much of the security at the games were “new arrivals” but soon apologized after being labelled racist.

Other news items discussed are Alex Jones’ allegedly sending child porn to the Sandy Hook families. We have gender fluid birth certificates set to become legal in Victoria, just as euthanasia became legal. Also the alleged Iranian attack on US oil tankers in the gulf with the US deep state and globalists up to their old tricks.

We finish off with Richard giving an overview of the state of the film industry. We also encourage our Sydney audience to go the Aussie Pride Solidarity March organized by NSW Patriots Against the Extreme Left.


Blair Cottrell has had his bank account closed – XYZ
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Behavioural Awareness Officers are the KGB of PC Australia – XYZ
Jeff Kennett offers mild civnat critique of AFL Behavioural Awareness Officers – XYZ
NSW Patriots Against The Extreme Left – Aussie Pride Solidarity March in Sydney

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