On this week’s extra extended 14th live episode of The Uncuckables we welcome to to the line up Ben Shand the Dusty Bogan who chats with Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled and David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ.

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Dusty was the target of hit piece from the Guardian this week as a high profile member of the Proud Boys who had initiated Bob Katter into the Proud Boys first degree.

Social media censorship is still in the news after YouTube’s new policy against hateful and supremacist content. Dusty had been kicked off Facebook during the Proud Boys purge and so now has a website, is on MeWe and Telegram.

As well as getting a reading on where Dusty sits on the nationalism and immigration scale we discuss the latest terrorist incident with police having to shoot two suspects dead in Albury. We also saw Kmart censor Christian words in what they blamed on a technical glitch.

An hour in Dusty and Tim call it a night and Steele Archer Editor at Large of The Unshackled and Matty Rose of XYZ and Matty’s Modern Life take over to discuss the politics and economics of the Adani coal mine finally being approved in Central Queensland which will see our coal shipped over to India.

We finish by discussing the recent pro-legal rights protests in Hong Kong against extradition legislation which could see nationals there subjected to the People’s Republic of China legal system. Matty lived in Hong Kong so he gives an overview of the culture in the special administrative region.

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