This week when the government is attacking the mainstream media and YouTube is attacking right-wing media the Uncuckables take their chance with another weekly YouTube livestream with Tim Wilms Editor in Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ and freshly banned from his own YouTube channel Australian Meditations.

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We comment that it’s ironic that the mainstream media after being raided are now concerned about a police state after they have advocated for one to crackdown on “far-right extremists”.

We comment on YouTube’s new hardline police against “extremism” and “white supremacy” which also saw Australian patriot Shermon Burgess banned from the platform, after he was banned from Facebook earlier in the week.

We analyze the Darwin mass shooting and how it proves wrong the hypothesis that mass shootings don’t happen in Australia because of gun control of law abiding citizens. The shooter was a recently paroled man who obtained the gun illegally.

We reflect on the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre during which Chinese warships arrived in Sydney Harbour and there was a hack attack on our major institutions. We debate whether democracy arriving in China in 1989 would change the threat posed by the nation today.

We look at the latest political matchup with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton now having as his opposite Kristina Kerscher Keneally (KKK) who once described boat turnbacks as immoral and is a perennial political loser.

We give our thoughts on Indigenous NRL players choosing to not sing the National Anthem during the State of Origin. Their only demand apparently is changing the words “young and free” to “strong and free” but that’s how it starts.

We provide an update Blair Cottrell’s appeal against his conviction for “intent to incite ridicule or contempt of Muslims” under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

We discuss Lauren Southern’s retirement from alternative media and the phenomena of attractive young girls drawn to the alt-lite and alt-right.

We comment on Samraat Joshua Grewal and Joel Jammal’s take over of Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party and what this means for Australian conservatism and nationalism.

We finish by looking at Donald Trump’s official state visit to the UK where he hasn’t been afraid to put his views forward on British Politics and the Royal Family. He was in Europe to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the WWII D-Day landing.

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