After the excitement of Australia’s federal election the online sphere and the culture wars have returned to dominate the news cycle. 4chan was at it again with another troll campaign this time claiming that the #hashtag is actually a Nazi symbol.

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We had another murder of a woman in Melbourne with police again blaming all men, in the same week a group of African teenagers went on a violent crime spree in Melbourne but all Africans were not blamed.

We look at the ABC interview married to the alt-right with the subjects Justin and Lisa try to tell the interviewer what she wanted to hear and in the process spread misinformation and lies about the alt-right.

We analyze a leaked UK Army internal flyer which asks its members to look out for others exhibiting extreme right wing views, and ask how can a nation defend itself if it concerned about army personnel using the terms patriots and traitors?

The finish by returning to Australian politics with the new Morrison Ministry and Labor leadership team being announced with diversity being the most important selector rather than merit.

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