Things such as conspiracy theories, the slippery slope and exaggeration are no more given what’s currently making news. In The Uncuckables studio tonight is Tim Wilms Editor of Chief of The Unshackled, David Hiscox Editor of The XYZ and Matty Rose from Matty’s Modern Life.

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We begin the show distracted by Matty setting up the Entropy software for the show used on XYZ Live which allows users to send superchats, ask questions, and participate in polls.

The first meaty topic is transgender woman Jessica Yaniv who is suing 15 beauty salons in British Columbia, Canada for refusing to wax her penis and balls. It was also revealed Yaniv was promoting topless LGBT teenage swim sessions where parents would be banned.

Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has reportedly “attempted suicide” while in custody in New York. It has been suspected that powerful people implicated in his crimes may have had a hand in this incident.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before the US House of Representatives on his Russian collusion report. For someone who was supposed to bring down the President Mueller came across as a forgetful old fool.

Somali Muslim member of the US House of Representatives Ilhan Omar has been unable to refute allegations she married her brother to commit immigration fraud. Laura Loomer also broke that he is also gay adding to the sham nature of the arrangement.

We take a slight detour with Matty explaining to us how some Latino people are actually white.

In the UK Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister tasked with making Britain British again. Tommy Robinson is reportedly being treated better in prison this time around, he is in an isolation unit which also houses Julian Assange. The Daily Star reported that he had been decked in the shower. In Sweden a 10 year old has suggested the nation change its name to Blandland to reflect diversity.

The political dispute between Hong Kong and the Chinese Communist Party spilled over to the University of Queensland this week with a punch on at its campus by opposing sides.

We provide an update on leftist violence and abuse. EggGirl only received 150 hours community service for her attempted egging of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. The Portland police department has stood by their report that Antifa threw cement milkshakes at the Patriot Prayer rally last month. Clementine Ford and Catherine Deveny found themselves suspected from twitter for foul abuse of Lyle Shelton.


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